February 21, 2011


Daniel Riera

"While most Europeans hibernate in the winter months, the Parisians elegantly embrace the seasonal chill. They'll be cruising the boulevards instead, or sitting out on terraces and sipping hot drinks, wrapped in the cosiest of knitwear" The Gentlewoman

Admittedly, I am not a cold weather person. I have always found the short days, limited sun, wind, and cold a bit difficult to embrace. Let alone the snow and ice storms. It's only fitting that New York is facing a harsh and snowy winter and I have decided to fully embrace the elements. I have always been someone who loves a good challenge. 

Last week, in the midst of yet another snow storm, I was greeted by one of my favorite coworkers. Our conversation went something like this:

A: " Linds!!! You look so chic for a Snow Day!!!" 

Me: "Aww... Thank you." 

A: "C'est Parfait!"

Needless to say I work for a pretty chic company, but this left me thinking about the sartorial essentials that are keeping me looking polished and chic during the winter of snow, snow and more snow. Here are a few of my cold weather essentials: 

1) Wolford Merino Wool Tights 
I naturally gravitate to skirts and dresses regardless of how cold it is, therefore Wolford's Merino Wool Tights are a must have. As soon as the first chill hits I stockpile these tights in black, mocca and anthracite. I believe investing in good hosiery is one of life's little luxuries. Armed with my merino wool tights I can endure the cold and wind (the wind today was a bone chilling, whip your skirt around wind) while rushing around the city without frozen limbs. 

2) Cashmere Cardigans
Nothing feels more luxurious on a cold day than nuzzling oneself in luxurious cashmere. I'm picky when it comes to the gauge of the knit, mills where my sweaters are manufactured and colors, but I have managed to cultivate a collection of cashmere cardigans that can be worn over dresses or with skirts in lieu of a jacket. My mom has often mentioned that my cashmere cardigan collection  is starting to resemble Nan Kempner's infamous cardigan collection that was exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts- Nan Kempner and American Style a few years ago. I like neutral colors- black, grays, navy, cream, camel but recently have found the perfect bright color (anything in the coral, melon or salmon family) that pops against my skin tone. I'm also partial to my cashmere hand warmers and throw.

3)  A Touch of Fur 
I love a touch of fur. A fur hood or collar on a coat. A little fur on the wrist of my gloves. Fur capelets,  boleros and shrugs. A little fur is both luxe and decadent. I attend various fundraisers and benefits each week and find that nothing lends a more elegant and polished look like a touch of fur. 

4) Scarves
It's very French, but regardless of the season scarves are integral to my look. I have a theory that a scarf tied around your neck wards off colds. It's all about tying the scarf in an effortless and elegant way. 

When all else fails.... Daydreaming about spring always works. 


  1. I love this picture from the gentlewoman so mucH! I ripped it out to put on my wall of inspiration and love that was mostly celine adverts and lookbooks haha and then my mum cleaned my room, took it down and threw it out! im still completely devastasted.. I love how this summed up parisienne winter so well. it's all about wrapping up and enjoying the cold. When i was in paris in feb I spent ages eating outside, smoking, drinking hot cups of tea and soup.. and it was fantastic because of all the winter gear I was wearing.. fur, tweeds, scarves, wool.. lovely!


  2. Hannah-Rose- Thank you for the comment! I adore The Gentlewoman. I can't wait for the new issue- I have been counting the days since I finished the last. You're exactly right, Parisienne winter is all about layering up, slowing down the pace and lingering outside with hot cups of tea and a good book or people watching.