March 28, 2011

Carry On

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The Carry on and luggage in general is one of those often overlooked items. There's an old quote that says it's bad luck to travel with dirty luggage because it sets the wrong tone for a trip. There was a time when people travelled elegantly... I always try to keep this in mind and not stray to far from my pulled together look when traveling. 

All I can think about is boarding my 2:55 PM flight on Thursday. Interestingly, I find myself far less concerned with packing my clothing (I'm sure that will change by Thursday) and far more preoccupied with packing my carry on. I have a fifteen hour flight ahead of me and need to pack my carry on with my go to beauty products to keep me comfortable, a diverse array of reading material, layers to keep me warm, my laptop, electronic gadgets  and most importantly my passport and documentation. 

The Céline luggage bag pictured above is the perfect travel tote. I could never pull off such a bright yellow, but a more subdued black or the two toned black and tan in the next size would be the perfect addition to my travel luggage. Yesterday at Bergdorfs, I deliberated about this bag once again. Honestly, the bag feels a little heavy with nothing in it. For now I'm relying on my go to tote. 

I enjoy hearing what others consider their travel essentials. Vogue's "Editors Fashion Week Survival Guide" provides excellent travel tricks for staying chic on the go. If you have time, I would highly recommend reading this article. When traveling I rely on layers (I'm always cold), scarves and a capsule wardrobe of my favorite versatile items. I can agonize and edit my clothing picks for hours, but inevitably I always end up making the right choices. So for now, I would prefer to concentrate on packing my essentials in my carry on. Truth be told, I'm truly looking forward to nestling myself in a cozy wrap and utilizing all of  that uninterrupted reading time. 

What are your carry on essentials?

PS- I still appreciate a handwritten diary with notes. I'm in love with that darling orange Smythson diary. A place to jot down my thoughts is integral when traveling. 


  1. I just found your blog, its great!! I think for me the most essential thing is a big cashmere scarf to keep warm cause I don't like the airplane blankets, some light reading (I can't read anything serious on a flight I'm waay to nervous), and moisturizer..that bag is so bright I don't think I could carry it off either

  2. My carry-on essentials are: my phone, sound-proof ear buds, a pashmina, my diary, hand sanitizer, lip balm, and of course the necessary documents. And my wallet. And any beauty products that can be stuffed into that 1 liter bag. I usually bring my DSLR in my hand luggage as well, just to keep it safe. My hand luggage is always overstuffed :)

  3. I have a mustard tote from Belen Echandia which always makes me happy :)
    My travel essentials are sunscreen if I am landing somewhere hot, moisturiser, my iPad, a wool shawl, a piece of jewelry I love, and I make sure I am wearing flats. Oh, and an eye mask so I can snooze without a problem. And a big bottle of water.
    Enjoy your trip!

  4. To me this picture is especially staged. The bag is too small for its contents. Kind of bothers me actually. My essentials, I bring a scarf with me, mp3 player and earbuds (even though I usually just end up watching the tv), and sunglasses.

  5. Alex- Thank you! You are far to kind. The cashmere scarf is key. Just the thought of those airline blankets really bothers me.

    Maja Piraja- My carry on is always a little stuffed too. Between work stuff, reading and my personal items it always ends up being a lot.

    Ammu- The little things that make us happy! Flats are the only way to go for travel. Dashing through the airport in heels makes no sense. I love wearing an eye mask too!

    Prêt à Porter P- Thank you for the new site of the moment mention. That was very sweet of you. Yes, the picture is staged, but it was shot to illustrate what people in the industry consider their fashion week essentials. I feel the same way about 'street style' photos. Even if they appear to be candid, they're extremely nuanced and well planned shots.

  6. oh my god, definitely the céline bag is gorgeous. ;)

  7. I agree that the Celine bag is too stuffed to be practical. However, I also like that a small carry on forces you to be concise. And really, who wants to burdened on a plane? My must haves are similar to everyone's here. Hand moisturizer is the other one I always make sure to include. (Plus fresh underwear! Multiple pairs fit into the smallest toiletries bags!)

  8. Catarina Leitão- The Celine bags are gorgeous aren't they? I especially love the vintage ones.

    Alice Olive- Yes, the bag pictured is way to small for travel. It's a purse. I want the exact same bag, but the large one. It can fit a laptop and all my toiletries. But it's so heavy... Which reminds me, I really need to pack!

  9. I'm scared of the plane but I fly quite often so my essentials are a mix of useful things and essentials to relax and don't think of the fear. Therefore: iPod with a good pair of earphones (the Urbanears are great), a couple of fashion magazines, a book, sunglasses, a sketch-book to put on paper ideas and sketches and my luck "charms" (this is a secret :-p). On the food side I always have soft sweet licorice (I am addicted) and mint chewing gums.

    Essentials are also some basic make-up items to refresh my face before landing: concealer, powder, blush, mascara and lip-gloss.

    When I do long haul flights I also add a pashmina and an extra book.

    I carry everything in my Freitag Cooper bag: it is sporty, but very cool and I couldn't live without it anymore!

    But the Celine luggage bag is a dream for me too... Sigh...

    By the way, where are you goin? Holiday? Home? Have a nice trip!


    -The Red Dot-

  10. I am actually travelling next week so this was a very interesting post. I always tend to carry too much stuff in my handbag. I haven't really found my essentials yet but usually I bring hand cream and lip balm because of the intense air conditioning on planes. Tissues as well and a cardigan, usually something that can fit in my bag. In the past I have always brought fashion magazines with my but now I am thinking about switching the reading to something more intellectual to educate myself, such as the economist. I also want to look nice and elegant but without sacrificing being comfortable. So usually I wear a knit and jeans or some other trousers.
    I love the Celine luggage tote, especially these really small ones. Clearly the one in the picture has been stuffed and half of the stuff would probably fall out if carried like this.

    I just found your blog, I love all the articles you have posted and your thoughts are very interesting and create discussion, that is what I think is one of the best parts of blogging.

  11. Al- I love your idea of paper to sketch on. I have my best ideas when I have hours on end to myself. The products to freshen up with are key. I'm headed to Hong Kong tomorrow afternoon and I'm afraid that I'm so rundown that my carry on is full of Theraflu and herbal teas. At this point I'm trying to think positive thoughts (smile).

    Meri- Hand Cream and lip balm are so necessary. I have such dry skin and the dry air on planes doesn't help.

    The Economist is a good intellectual read for a flight. I always like catching up on The New Yorker and this time I'm lucky to have The Gentlewoman to catch up on. Thank you for your sweet comments.

  12. i want ur celine purse!!!!

  13. Polliani- It is the best.

    Prutha- I wish I could pull off a yellow purse like that.

  14. What a great list you have made!!!! Great bag pics, and I agree the yellow purse is classics… : )

  15. jankiew- Thank you! These days I'm always so thankful when I've packed my carry on appropriately. Who would have thought a yellow purse could be classic? But somehow it works!

    Thank you for stopping by.