March 3, 2011

Hair Inspiration- NYFW Edition

Perhaps it's the years of competitive gymnastics and dance where my hair always had to be neatly pulled back, but I adore chignons and buns. The oversized bun held tightly with bobby pins is part of my signature style. Nothing seems more chic to me. 

When Raf Simons, Phoebe Philo, Francisco Costa et al ushered in the era of new minimalism and fashion people swooned, I panicked. Clothes that rely on precision of cut, clean lines and restraint instead of overt luxury lend themselves to buns and sleek ponytails. The bun might be having a resurgence, but it suits me. Regardless of popularity, we should all wear what suits us. 

While I agonize over what collections I like and what  I will embrace next season, I know right away when I see hair inspiration. Here is a little fashion inspiration from the recent New York Fall 2011 shows. 

1) Donna Karan

I adore the high bun. It's ladylike and elegant and yet hairstylist Eugene Souleiman managed to somehow make the girls look a bit edgy too.

2) Carolina Herrera

Hair rolls, reversed buns, and the low bun are equally sophisticated. Orlando Pita can do no wrong.

3) Thakoon

Sometimes you just have to have fun. The hair complimented the collection, music and general feel of the show. Refined and elegant, but spontaneous. Thakoon was inspired by the Masai and street style.

It might not be 'wearable' but it certainly is something I might have to try the next time I'm suffering from insomnia.


  1. love them :) xx
    the cookies
    share the feeling

  2. Same Cookies Different- Thank you for the comment! The hair is fantastic. Isn't it?!