April 18, 2011

Little Happy List #1

"Frivolity is the key to eternal youth" Ines de la Fressange 

One of the main reasons I started this blog was because I wanted to share my passion for style, fashion and elegance. Aesthetics are extremely important to me. I relish a beautifully written book, fine art, architecture, dance and fashion. To me these things are significant elements that contribute to the world. Our individual tastes and preferences shape who we become. What would the world be without beauty? 

Some would call taking pleasure in such things frivolity. For a long time I believed this. In some ways my studies conflicted with my passion for fashion. Fashion was something I found great joy in but loved in isolation. 

I believe that the little things in life bring the greatest joy. The key is balance. For me that comes from appreciating all of the little things that make life enjoyable. A few years ago I started making happy lists. A happy list is a little list of simple things throughout the week that make me smile. They are frivolous, but it's my little way of being thankful for the little things. 

So here's to happiness!


Lovely days spent by the sea on the Southside of Hong Kong and at Shek O. The Southside of Hong Kong has gorgeous ocean views that rival Hawaii. The drive out to Shek O resembles the Mediterranean with houses perched on the sides of cliffs and yachts and sailboats dotting the green water.I wish I could bottle the faint scent of Fragipani that scattered the islands. Fresh squeezed juice, a few treasured books (re-reading To Kill A Mockingbird and Lolita) and a Breton tee make for a refreshing day by the sea. 


Pretty little things from Lane Crawford.


The Hong Kong skyline all lit up for the Symphony of Lights. I must say Hong Kong's skyline is impressive. The evening breeze feels wonderful after a long day. 


A painting from the "Home-made Colours" exhibit at The University of Hong Kong's Museum and Art Gallery. The University of Hong Kong's Museum and Art Gallery is a gem. The contemporary Asian art market is currently booming and Hong Kong is full of international galleries featuring established and emerging names. For an art lover this was heaven. 

My Personal Photos

Traditional Chinese brocade from Western Market. I find textiles beautiful and have started a tradition of collecting textiles from countries that I visit and framing them as mementos from my trips. I picked up two exquisite textiles (one for my parents and the other for me) that I will have framed. 

What makes you terribly happy?


  1. Such a beautiful post. I agree with you, it's all about balance. I used to love fashion in isolation as well. Things that make me happy are pretty lingerie, long mornings and organizing my closet, beauty products, etc,

  2. I'm glad you got to experience the charm of Shek O...I always tell my HK friends they are lucky that HK offers such diversity in such a small space, in terms of landscape.

    None of my good friends actually like fashion the way I do, which is why blogging and looking at blogs is such a relief.

    Things that make me happy: that time of the day when it's still sunny and warm but sun is sinking lower in the sky and the air is getting cooler; a good meal with friends; a satisfying read of some kind; the smell of fresh laundry dried in the sun.

  3. Just curious, what are you/did you study? Also a lovely post! I have never gone to HK though I have family there (lots of family too--my great-grandfather was a polygamist!); my parents and sister went a few summers ago and they all said the food is delicious! I think you would really enjoy the Shanghai skyline as well--lots of old Western-styled banks with the water and multi-color lights. A lot of Chinese cities are beautifying to attract foreigners so beautiful night scenery is becoming more and more common among the large cities!

    As for what makes me happy: being very busy and getting a lot of work done! It's such a type-A thing to say but I really feel troubled when I think about 'summer vacations' and 'spring break.' Other things that make me pretty happy: eating half a large pizza while watching sci-fi television with my boyfriend and sharing young adult novels with my sister (who actually qualifies as a young adult lol).

  4. I'm one of simple tastes: wendy's, home made burritos, tuna fish sandwich (which I only eat at home), cream cheese and jelly sandwich, white pita bread covered in butter, (i like eating breads!!), the moment the lights finally dim at the movie theater, and shredding papers.

  5. Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy reading your comments.

    Fleurette- Your list is lovely. Pretty lingerie is the best! A long morning to myself feels so decadent! Don't you just feel better once your closet is organized? Beauty products- that reminds me that I need to do a post on my favorites.

    When I look back it is hard for me to imagine myself loving fashion in isolation. It feels stifling, which is no way to live.

    Lin- The diversity of landscape was one of my favorite aspects of Hong Kong. Being raised in the NYC area I naturally feel at home in fast paced cities, however I loved that Hong Kong offers so many different terrains and landscapes. Also, the sailing is very good and I'm a big fan!

    Shek O was so charming. I'm really happy that I was able to spend time there.

    Your comment about blogging is really interesting. I have gotten to know so many people who inspire me through blogs. It's nice to see how much everyone encourages one another.

    I adore your happy list. I love the reprieve from the warm sun that you're speaking about. The smell of fresh laundry always makes me smile. A good read is priceless.

    0000- Thank you for the compliment. I studied Politics and Art History at the best University ever! (smile). I work in media.

    The food in Hong Kong is delicious. I'm a vegetarian and I had lots of amazing options.

    I appreciate your happy list. I'm very type A too and haven't mastered the art of enjoying down time or relaxing.

    Prêt à Porter P- There is nothing wrong with simple tastes (smile) or bread. Ah... I love shredding paper. It always feel such relief when I can shred a few documents.

  6. as a fellow lover of textiles i can recommend a trip to india if you havnt already been. i spent ages wandering through a fair the last time i was there, which was a nice way to grasp the range of techniques and styles without having to go to every region. still have all my purchases stored carefully in a drawer until I figure out what to with them!
    that and dawdling through a jewellery exhibition are very happy ways to spend a day :)

  7. Son- Thank you for commenting. The techniques, colors and diversity of textiles in India is amazing. I have never been, but my friend is a textile artist and brings back amazing fabrics from her trips. India is definitely on my list of destinations that I would love to visit.

    You are smart to store your textiles safely until you decide what to do with them. They are so special.

    Jewelry exhibitions are the best. There is a lovely exhibit featuring the innovation behind Van Cleef & Arpels' jewelry (a girl can dream) at the Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum in NY now. I highly recommend!

  8. I love your blog. Your photos are amazing. I wish I could sew because I would take some of that beautiful fabric and make an amazing skirt! You are beautiful girl! Thank you for checking out my blog. Kiah

  9. From the "Rez" To The "City"- Thank you for your sweet comments. I am humbled. I know exactly what you mean- I often wish that I had the talent to design my own clothing. These fabrics were such an inspiration!

  10. Those bras are gorgeous!!! Beautiful lingerie is probably one of the most powerful garments a woman can have in your arsenal, even if they're the only one to see it...

  11. Nicolette- Aren't they gorgeous. I have been love the dusty rose color. I agree- beautiful lingerie should be in every woman's arsenal.