April 25, 2011

The Talisman

tal·is·man noun \ˈta-ləs-mən, -ləz-\

1: an object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune
2: something producing apparently magical or miraculous effects

- Merriam Webster Dictionary 

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I firmly believe that every woman should have her own talisman. A statement piece that makes you feel charmed from the moment you put it on. This necklace is my talisman. It has seen me through countless  life events and important meetings. Seemingly I'm always wearing this necklace when exciting opportunities present themselves. I believe we make our own luck, but I still relish this little treasure. 

Until recently I never would have considered a piece this bold. I am a jewelry wearer, but my pieces lean toward understated and delicate. Pearl earrings, pearl strands, diamond studs, a locket, and my charm bracelet are the pieces I reach for most. All of my jewelry is intricately intertwined with my story. A few years ago I began collecting vintage and limited edition necklaces from Chanel. Chanel always manages to be ladylike and elegant, but there is a little edge to it that makes it relevant. This is the very first Chanel piece I purchased to commemorate an important step in my career. It's bright, colorful and bold. I associate it with endless professional possibilities. It's a piece that is timeless, so I don't have to worry that I will outgrow it. I can wear this necklace with jeans and a white shirt, but years from now it will be just as appropriate with a tasteful suit. I tone down this necklace with very classic and sophisticated clothing (E.g. a little black dress). If your going to wear statement jewelry, then your clothing shouldn't compete with it. Generally, I gravitate toward silver jewelry so a piece in gold really has to really catch my eye. 

The little details contribute greatly to personal style. Oftentimes, they are the first things we notice. A statement necklace is a little detail that differentiates style. Two people may be wearing the same suit, but a necklace, scarf , or pocket square (bless you male readers) can define a look.  When I get dressed I never forget to consider my jewelry. This necklace is a piece that starts conversation. I have prepped for difficult meetings where  the utmost diplomacy was required only to be disarmed with questions about my necklace. It's fascinating how quickly women bond over a shared love of clothing or jewelry. During awkward moments at events when everyone is glancing at the ceiling for something to say this necklace energizes the conversation. 

Chanel jewelry holds it's value incredibly well and collectors are reluctant to sell, therefore pieces have to be scooped up as they become available. I have literally had my dinner interrupted with offers to buy this necklace right off my neck. This brings me to another point, I only purchase items I love. There's no waiting around for that special occasion or event to wear the 'good stuff' because I'm genuinely excited to break it out. Life is short so why not wear your good things now? 

Do you have a statement piece that acts as your talisman? Do tell!

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  1. This necklace is completely magical, so fabulous! I'm not surprised people have offered to buy it right off of you. I don't have any "magical" pieces, maybe whenever I wear my leopard coat it gets comments, but no where near to the effect of your necklace.

  2. That's beautiful, and you're right about Chanel jewellery being elegant but still relevant at the same time. There's also a boldness and glamour that I really admire as well.

    I don't have a talisman piece either but I always feel right with a watch, and I'm loving my current watch, and hoping that will become a talisman as we go along. I bought it at a critical career juncture as well, and to me it always mean something.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Please share your tips for sourcing such sought after pieces. Your blog is refreshing. So many street & personal style blogs get stale. They lack any real knowledge, so it's nice to read something that is personal yet substantial. I know you'll say no, but will you post outfits? Please! You are so visually STUNNING and have exquisite taste. It would be so inspiring for readers to see. - Caro

  4. That is a stunning necklace. I visited the Chanel boutique in London last year and balked at some of the costume jewelry - overpriced rhinestone logo pendants - but your necklace blows my mind. And such a lovely story to go with it :)
    I don't have a talisman jewel, but I love wearing these earrings made by my grandparents for my mother when she was born - tiny diamond and gold studs in the shape of a star.
    And I constantly carry a tiny silver baby Ganesha with me, wherever I go, in the bottom of my handbag. That's my talisman I suppose.

  5. thats quite a piece - absolutely lovely. show us some of your other finds! ive worn the same jewellery for years, but my statement piece is a tennis bracelet which i purchased as a treat to myself and as a mark of where i am in my career. if ever im having a bad day, just seeing it peep out from under my sleeve reminds me ive made it this far.

  6. Beautiful statement necklace! I love a good piece of jewelry like that!

  7. Beautiful necklace! I don't have a talisman either, though I adore the watch my boyfriend bought me for Valentine's Day. It's not so expensive that I would balk at wearing it everyday, but it's delicate and elegant. I'm not much of a jewelry wearer or collector though. I think, however, that a great coat can be a talisman for every girl!

  8. Prêt à Porter P- Thank you! That means a lot coming from you. It is a magical piece. I had it on yesterday actually and a middle aged couple pulled me over to their table because they were transfixed. It always pulls people in. Oh, I want to see pictures of your leopard coat. That sounds like a statement piece.

    Lin- Thank you!!! There is a certain boldness and old school glamour that Chanel jewelry has. The pieces are timeless. I love your watch, but more importantly I love that you bought it to celebrate an important step in your career. It’s important to celebrate those accomplishments.

    Caro- You are very kind- THANK YOU! I will share more about how I sourced my collection. Please feel free to email me if you are seriously interested in sourcing pieces. Your comments about my blog mean a lot. You should definitely look at the blogs on my blogroll. A few are written by friends and there are others are little gems I have found. All of the blogs on my blogroll offer something fresh and intelligent. I will seriously give the personal style photos more thought. There are many reasons why I keep vetoing it.

    Ammu- Thank you! Yes, you have to be careful and exercise restraint with the Chanel jewelry. There’s a lot that is purely editorial and really difficult to wear. I love the story too. It's amazing that you have such a special piece that has been handed down to you. I can only imagine the craftsmanship. I like that you carry a Baby Ganesha with you- such good symbolism.

    Son- Thank you! I will definitely feature some of my finds. I know what you mean about wearing the same jewelry for years. I have pieces that I have been wearing for such a long time and I still love them. Tennis bracelets are a classic. I love that you bought one to mark where you are in your career- so nice.

    KnockedUpFabulous- Thank you! Your blog's name made me smile! There's nothing like a statement piece.

    0000- Thank you! A good watch is such a timeless piece. For everyday it's key that a watch isn't to precious. A great coat is the only thing that gets me through the winter.

  9. good lord this necklace. wowza.

  10. Rebecca- Thank you; you are to sweet. I think every girl needs a wow piece in her life (smile).

  11. Sorry for the delayed response, my leopard coat is worn here.

  12. i wish i still had all my jewelry. i had burglars in my flat 2 years ago and they stole all i had, including all i inherited from my most stylish grandmother. sighhhh. jealous... :(

  13. Prêt à Porter P- Google finally restored my comments that were "awaiting moderation" at last.

    Your leopard coat is amazing. It's such a wonderful piece!

    Leenhilde- That's awful. I must say it breaks my heart, but I'm glad you are safe and sound. I hope you weren't these when the burglars broke in. Jewelry that is inherited is the best- it's so meaningful!

  14. Eek. Eek... That necklace is amazing and even more amazing on. I still can't get over the street style photographer that nearly tackled you to snap it.

  15. Libby- Thank you! The street style photographers... It's flattering when they ask to take a picture, but they are so aggressive. In their defense it's hard work. Magazines don't pay and the field is so oversaturated.