August 9, 2011

The Art of the Handwritten Note

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I must admit I have a weakness for stationery. There's nothing more gracious than a handwritten note. Don't get me wrong, it's not question of electronic correspondence versus a handwritten note. I have far too many devices that send email, but there are times that call for a well-written note. It speaks volumes. 

I use my Smythson (for very special notes) or Crane & Co. stationery for professional notes. Both companies make beautiful stationery. My go-to is ecru colored cotton paper, hand engraved with a single script initial in gold and matching gold lined envelope. I save my creative stationery for personal correspondences. I adore browsing paper stores for agendas, notebooks, and stationery. Stationery is a great way to display your personality and style. 

This lovely stationery was custom designed by Gadabout. I admired Hanna Nation's stationery for some time, before I commissioned her to design my blog header and likeness for my sidebar. Hanna's illustrations have such style and flare. I was sold when I spotted a note card named after one of my favorite quotes from The Great Gatsby. Hanna's personalized stationery would make such a nice gift for a mother or friend who loves paper. I was so impressed by my blog header and sidebar illustration (I assure you it's no easy fete working with a perfectionist) that I had to order official blog stationery and calling cards. It's truly an amazing experience when you see your vision come to fruition. So refreshing. 

Are you passionate about paper?


  1. i love, Love stationery! Agreed, Symthson is brilliant, and for more casual notes, I use a simple old fashioned set from muji. Must look into the other names you've mentioned. It's such a treat to receive handwritten notes & snail mail. I find it rather a dying art sadly - how often do you find yourself sending out notes? These days I really only send out birthdaay cards or invitations on paper.

  2. Son- I'll have to look at the Muji stationary. I always hear good things about their stationary and notebooks. It is such a treat when you receive a handwritten note- it just feels special.

    Unfortunately it is a dying art. I use stationary for thank you notes, little congratulations/notes of encouragement, birthday cards and invitations. Oh and I really like to send holiday cards.

  3. Love your beautiful custom notes.

    I write with a Dupont fountain pen, and was so disappointed to discover that cotton paper (e.g., Crane) doesn't absorb the ink very well -- lots of inkless skids alternating with big blobs of ink. I have a box of Jean Rouget cards and envelopes, mix-and-match four colors. They work well with my inks.

  4. LuxeBytes- Thank you!

    I'm very impressed by yout Dupont fountain pin. It's such an art to be able to write well with one. My dad collects pins, but I can't write well with them at all. I just make a mess. I would like to learn.You are so right- the Crane cardstock is not heavy enough to absorb the ink.

    Oh the Jean Rouget cards are so elegant! What a lovely way to send a correspondence.

  5. I have a huge collection of stationery - my favourite pieces are from my visit to Japan years ago. So pretty.
    That said, I do find myself turning to often these days. It's such a beautifully designed website.
    But I agree, nothing like a handwritten note to make someone feel special. I have saved every important note anyone has ever sent me. They never fail to make me smile.

  6. Ammu- Japanese papers are really pretty. I think that's a great thing to collect when you travel. does a great job. They've really elevated the online invitation and stationary business. I was really impressed by their offerings.

    I always save the special notes. It's really nice to go back and read them.

  7. I can't say I'm passionate about paper, but I LOVE receiving hand-written notes. Even postcards count!

    Actually one of the best presents I ever got was one year my sister gave me a box of beautiful, assorted blank cards and envelopes. It was the year I went away to college, and she wanted me to send her notes now and then, and especially if I travelled. I still have a few notecards left, which means I've been slacking and not travelling as often as I should!

  8. koko // res pulchrae- Notes are so fun to receive.

    Your sister's present is so sweet. What a lovely idea. It's perfect for traveling.

    I love postcards. I'm the worst when it comes to getting my act together and sending them out, but they are so fun!

  9. I love stationary. It is a true weakness! We have a shop over here called Typo that does amazingly quirky stationary for a minuscule price - their Paris-themed notebooks are to die for - and I love stocking up for my copious lists and just general jottings.
    On the note front, my mother writes me a note and hides it in my suitcase every time I go on holidays or hides one in my handbag on special occasions. I have all of them saved up along with the letters my grandmother wrote me as a child. They are all just too precious :)

  10. La Fille mal Gardée- A weakness is the perfect description. I'll always stop for that. Typo sounds so cute. It makes me sad to see so many stationery stores struggling to survive. A Paris themed notebook sounds wonderful.

    Oh my gosh- your mother's notes are too precious. That's such a lovely idea. I love how close you two are:)

  11. Absolutely. Yes! One of my favourites is a shop in Chicago called Greer. I could buy everything in the store! I agree that it adds some special-ness when you send a note or card, particularly in the time of email and texting.

  12. Alice Olive- oh yes, Greer is a lovely shop! I LOVE that your a note person too. I'm always on the lookout for a new stationery store.

  13. love love paper. i just need to write certain things down, and that includes sending cards on special occasions or for special people's birthdays. i'm trying to revive the practice of sending postcards and notecards when traveling.

    for everyday, my moleskine planner is my little analog indulgence.

  14. The stationary is perfect because it's fun without being gimmicky. I appreciate hand written notes as well and correspond with a good friend over snail mail while at school, but mine are nowhere near as sophisticated!

  15. miss sophie- There are some things that I need to write down too. You should send notecards and postcards while you're living abroad- that would be so fun!

    The moleskine planners are the best!

    Austere- There's such a fine line between fun and gimmicky- you're so right! That's so sweet that you and your friend correspond via snail mail. Very special.

  16. I love stationery!! And your stationery custom designed is absolutely lovely! It's so chic! You should post a handwritten note on your blog! I'd love to see your writting! :)

  17. I will never be tired of receiving a handwritten note! Oh so underestimated. And what happened with pen pals? Am I born 50 years too late?

  18. Camille S.- Thank you! Stationary is one of my absolute favorite indulgences. I have to stop myself from buying more. I will take a picture of my handwriting soon. I'm always fascinated by handwriting.

    Laura- Handwritten notes are underestimated. Oh it must have been really fun to have pen pals. I can only imagine the anticipation.