September 10, 2011

Happy Fashion Week!

Via The Coveteur

Happy Fashion Week, lovelies! Or shall I say Happy Fashion Month? My week was expectantly busy with lots of running around the city (in heels no less), but I wouldn't have it any other way. Seeing all of the hard work that goes into every aspect of a show makes me appreciate designer clothing even more. I kicked off New York Fashion Week at a fete in celebration of Aesop's Nolita store. More on this soon, but Aesop is a welcome addition to one of my favorite shopping districts. I can't think of a better way to spend the eve of Fashion Week. 

This image from Britt Aboutaleb's shoot for The Coveteur has been saved in my inspiration folder for months. I've been meaning to frame a few special Fashion Week and party invites for some time. The Coveteur provides endless inspiration, but I love how Britt framed the invites from her first season of Paris Fashion Week shows. At the time she was covering the collections for Teen Vogue and Fashionista and was unsure that this amazing opportunity would present itself again. I find this endearing in an age and industry where people feel so entitled. There's nothing more stylish than having grace

Grace is the tipping point for me. It's such an integral part of having style and yet in the midst of Fashion Week it's easily forgotten. When everyones' nerves are taxed it never hurts to be the girl with the welcoming smile or the person who takes things in stride. After all there's a whole team of people who pour everything they have into these shows. 


  1. Lovely, heartwarming post - I hope you have a terrific September!

  2. What you wrote about grace brought back the memory of something so inspiring I saw a few days ago and now I just have to share it with you and the readers.
    I was riding the tramway home from university and I saw this older lady; she was wearing a pale pink ensemble, looking chanelesque in a way, with a skirt and a jacket, a pink hat with a bundle of violet flowers and a pair of creme coloured ballerina flats. She had silvery white hair and very simple makeup with just some sheered out red lipstick and slight wash of violet eyeshadow.
    Her choice of clothes, her motions, her posture - her entire aura had a specific something to it which could have been none other than grace. It surfaced from within in an inexplicable way and although abstract and intangible, you knew it was there. I couldn't stop looking at her, I was absolutely enchanted (I might have looked a bit queer in fact) and I was thinking I want to know her story. She was more beautiful and more interesting than any other 20-something girl I'd seen at university that day.
    We are mostly so caught up in a stereotype mindset that youth, stylish clothes or a certain weight is beautiful, that when it comes down to the essence, those things are so painfully meaningless. Grace and class transcend all of that.

    Sorry if this is going to be a long comment and a slightly off-topic one with fashion week going on, I just thaught perhaps it might give someone else some food for thaught as well :)

  3. Ammu- Thank you! I hope you have a lovely September as well!

    Florina- Oh, please don't apologize about the long comment, I love reading the comments. I find this very on topic and so appropriate during Fashion Week.

    "We are mostly so caught up in a stereotype mindset that youth, stylish clothes or a certain weight is beautiful, that when it comes down to the essence, those things are so painfully meaningless. Grace and class transcend all of that." I love this because it's so true. Fashion Week has become such a celebration of youth and the ridiculous, but grace and class are the things that define style to me.

    I know exactly what you mean about someone having that aura that you speak of and I agree it is usually an older woman that makes me do a double take. There's just such an elegance to the mannerisms. This reminds me of Diana Vreeland's book "Allure." I've wanted to do a post on this, but it's so hard to put into words. You've captured it perfectly:)

  4. Your post reminded me of this quote from Denis Waitley that I love: “Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” And I think in living with love, grace, and gratitude, they get reflected in one's outward appearance. :) Thanks for the reminder.

    I am a new reader and loving your blog! Have a wonderful September. :)

  5. Dear Bijou:

    I will be in NYC in December for the first time in 22 years, visiting a friend for about six days. I was wondering if you might consider writing a post about the best things in the city? Your mention of Aesop made me think of it. I have my own little list going already (Roger Vivier, Cire Trudon, Aedes de Venustas, Opening Ceremony, Laduree), but would love, love, love and insider's point of view.

  6. Grace will get you so far, too. It might seem appropriate at the time to be snarky or bitchy and roll one´s eyes, but in the end, it won´t make the people around you feel good, and you never know who´s around. Everyone will remember the one with the warm smile who made them feel good and at ease :)

  7. Grace? Now that is something woefully missing from the campus. Thankfully on the whole, I attend a liberal arts college and usually we are much more well dressed than state schools and the like. I am so excited for fashion week but there's so much school work I probably can't blog until afterwards :(

  8. Felicia- Welcome! I hope you enjoy reading the blog.

    This quote is wonderful. I may have to use it on the blog at some point. I agree with you, when you live with love grace and gratitude (simple things) it totally is reflected in outward appearance. Something to think about.

    I hope you have a wonderful September as well!

    LuxeBytes- I'm so excited for your trip to NYC. December is such a festive and exciting time to visit. Yes, to making a best of NYC guide! I've really wanted to do little guides for my favorite cities, but felt a bit overwhelmed about where to start? I'll work on this.

    Our Laduree is finally open. I stopped by Thursday afternoon:) And yes to Opening Ceremony, my childhood friend just moved back from Paris and has taken a position with their business development team.

    Maja Piraja- I agree! Grace can take you so far- it's truly amazing. You're so right about the snark. Sometimes you just have to take a step back. Oh yes, you never know who's around and at Fashion Week there's always someone around to see (and document) any inelegance. Everyone always remembers the girl with the smile:)

    Joy- I think grace is largely missing from society as a whole. I'm always surprised when I visit college campuses. I attended a very traditional university. The majority dressed for class. Gym wear or PJs were unheard of. Pearls and dresses were worn to football games. There was just a formality to how you presented yourself...

    Oh yes, school before blogging. I always enjoy reading about the collections after all of the dust has settled and there's more of a collective idea of where things are headed. Right now I feel so inundated by it all that it will be a welcome surprise to read your thoughts.

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait to read (and follow) your NYC guide.

  10. LuxeBytes- You're adorable. I'll try my best.

  11. I can't wait till I can do the same.

    NRC ♥

  12. Such a sweet post. Would love to hear your thoughts on the whole Lincoln Center vs. Made to do. Hope you're enjoying Fashion Week!

  13. May- Thank you. I don't view it as Lincoln Center (Mercedes/IMG/Maybelline) vs. Made (Creative Artists Agency/MAC/Milk Studios) or an uptown vs. downtown sort of thing. I think they do different things. CAA and IMG are direct competitors, but I don’t think they’re targeting the same designers.

    Lincoln Center works for a lot of designers and it is revenue generating. Designers need anywhere between $75,000-$500,000 to show at Lincoln Center. For a new designer this may not be feasible.

    Made is providing the site space and makeup/hair teams to the designer. It's a resource for a new designers and a support system of sorts. Made also had far more presentations. I wish smaller designers would do presentations instead of a show.

    Two different business plans, but I think there's room for both.

  14. Fashion Week is such a dream for me, and every other girl in the world. One day, maybe, hopefully, I'll be able to attend. Keeping my fingers crossed until then <3 Anisa

  15. Anisa Young- It is such a dream... That's never lost on me. Even when I complain about how ridiculous it all is. It's one of those pinch me moments to me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you too.

    A blog friend got to go for the first time as an intern for the week, so dreams really do come true.

  16. Hi Lindsay, your blog is so lovely as well. I especially love this post and this photo from your inspiration photo. I look forward to seeing more from your treasure trove of images!

  17. Christine- Thank you! I adore this image. It definitely reminds me that I need to frame my invitations. It's going to be my winter project.