September 4, 2011

Inspiration On A Weekend

Via Lachlan Bailey for Vogue UK

It's the unofficial last weekend of summer and I'm loving every minute of it. I have been looking forward to this three day weekend for quite some time. A weekend spent in K Jacques and lightweight breezy little dresses. Labor Day weekend is always a nice little calm before the storm. Even though it's hot and I'm counting on at least a few more weeks of summer weather; slowly my mind is drifting to autumn.

When I saw this shoot in Vogue UK weeks ago I filed it away under autumn inspiration. Lachlan Bailey captured the elegant ladylike style that feels authentically me. I can imagine myself navigating the city in these looks. There's a quiet assurance and a confidence to these "grown up" looks. The ever enchanting Arizona Muse makes this editorial all the more stunning. Don't you just love her?

It's nice to come across an editorial that instantly makes you feel at home. Ladylike style is having a moment right now, but truthfully I'll take these looks anytime. Give me a crisp breezy day, a skirt in a subtle length and a drapey blouse to ease into fall.  

How's your weekend so far?

PS- I know a lot of people are shy about embracing this skirt length. A tad shorter would be more suitable for me, but I enjoy wearing a variety of skirt lengths with the exception of the maxi skirt. The maxi skirt looks fabulous on others, but just doesn't work for me.


  1. I really love this skirt length, but I have to agree with you that you would have to be brave (and have very long legs) to embrace it. I love Arizona's beauty!

  2. Great pictures. I am not one for the midi skirt, it doesn't work with my proportions. I usually need a skirt to hit above the knee or go all the way to the floor. That said, Arizona looks fantastic. Isn't it lovely to see people dress like grown-ups? ;)

  3. Jenny-I have a few skirts for autumn that are just a bit shorter and I love them. Arizona is well cast for this role.

    the nyanzi report- I agree! I actually think Lachlan Bailey captures Arizona so well. His muse perhaps?

    Ammu- That's exactly it! For too long it's been acceptable not to dress like a grown up. It feels refreshing for people to finally pull it together:)

  4. Oh I am sure you could wear this length missy. Skirts look fantastic on the young and leggy like yourself:)

  5. The weekend's going good. Glad to know that you're making full use of the end of summer. Wearing a lot of white shoes perhaps? I love this shoot. Very urban chic in the best way possible. I'm cutting my hair today Arizona Muse style :)

  6. Anonymous- Thanks! It's all about wearing the midi skirts with conviction;)

    Joy- I'm glad your weekend is going well. I'm wearing lots of white jeans and dresses:) Yes, this shoot is so urban chic. A lot of times urban style can look severe outside of the city, but these looks could be perfect in so many locations.

    Yes to you cutting your hair Arizona Muse style. This would look stunning on you. I can't wait to see:) She's such hair inspiration.

  7. I really love this editorial! I love those clean lines and the fact that there are almost no accessories! I'm tad tired of all the bracelets and necklaces to tell you the truth. I don't believe that everybody is so into over accessorizing actually. I hope this trend goes away.
    And I totally agree that this skirt length is very tricky. I guess high heels are the only option to balance the look.

  8. Oh the mint green shirt is so lovely! I'd love to wear that length of skirt with it but sadly I don't think my height would work for that style. The photographs are wonderful.

  9. Ginta- I agree. There's something really nice about clean lines and streamlined silhouettes. Editorials have gotten very over stylized (and i do get it) but it has trickled down to how people dress. I love a nice piece of jewelry, but I don't like when it's piled on in a ridiculous way. Sometimes less really is more.

    Yes, you have to wear the highest of heals with these skirts:)

    Poppy- I love that mint green color too. It's so pretty.

  10. Yes, beautiful images, beautiful woman, beautiful and ladylike clothes. (Arizona's messy bob makes me think about possibly, just possibly, growing my hair!)

    I also love the clean lines and simplicity. It is very grown up, refined.

    Agree (again!) on the highest of heels with this skirt length.

    Do you find skirt lengths are liked cropped pant lengths? I mean, for every woman, the 'right' length is different. Legs, torso, proportions, we're all different. My sister and I are the same height and would both be described as tall. However, because her torso is slightly longer than mine, our jeans/pants length need to be very different. If I wear her cropped pants, I look like I've bought a pair that's too short for me! Same with skirts, I think.

  11. PS - Sorry, one last rave.

    Pointy-toe heels look best here, too!! (In my opinion!)

  12. Alice Olive- I love the rave:)

    Yes, this editorial has so many great things working for it. It's the second Vogue UK article this summer that's made me feel this way. So beautiful and inspiring, but actually wearable (for lack of a better word).

    I like how the clean lines and streamlined silhouettes make the shoot look refined, but not stuffy.

    Oh yes, I do find skirt lengths to be akin to cropped pant length. Determining the perfect length has so much more to do with proportions and leg & torso length than simply height. We are all so different... It can be tricky to find the perfect length.

    I do like the pointy toe heels look perfect here to me too!

  13. I can see you in these, I love a ladylike editorial that doesn't look too "period" - a lot of such edits looks like a costume drama, or the set of Mad Men. And Arizona! So beautiful.

  14. i love that they've featured skirts only, but it's such an unfortunate length - they manage to make even a.m look slightly dowdy (imho). while ive seen the length work very well on some ladies, i have to agree with you, shorter suits me better too.

  15. lin- Yes, I would so wear these looks:) Ladylike editorials looking too "period" Mad Men, and theatrical is exactly what I usually find off-putting. This is perfect.

    Son- I like that they featured skirts only too. It's a nice change I think. Very interesting. I think what saves this shoot from being dowdy is that the skirts are fitted. If the skirts weren't so tailored I would feel the same way.

  16. Love your blog!

  17. I think all these looks are incredibly stylish - perfect for the career woman... only thing is one can definitely not get away with flats when wearing the midi length. Heels are a must!

  18. urban mood- Thank you! That's so nice to hear.

    catssaymeow- You are so right about these looks being incredibly stylish looks for a career woman. I think a lot of women feel that they can't be stylish or fashionable if they're serious about their career. This proves that's not true. It reminds me of the recent Billy Cunningham video where he talks about dressing for what he calls "junior executives" (such a cute phrase) and dressing for women in top positions.

    Heels are such a must for this look!

  19. Amazing inspiration! I love how the looks look so chic :)


  20. TheMadTwins- I find these images so inspiring and yes, so very Chic!