September 16, 2011

Opulence and Restraint

Chanel Necklace 

As much as I love restraint, every wardrobe needs a little opulence too. The key is knowing how to balance the two. This necklace is precisely one of those pieces that stands on its' own. It becomes the focal point of any outfit, so the key is keeping the rest of my look very simple. A dramatic piece doesn't need competition. Generally, I'm drawn to very delicate fine jewelry, but there's something refreshing about a piece that doesn't feel too precious to be worn. 

This piece has been safely tucked away for me since last winter. It finally feels like it's mine. It's a pin, but years ago I learned from a Chanel PR executive that Chanel pins are meant to double as necklaces. This necklace feels decidedly Fall. The dramatic black tulle reminds me of cooler weather. It's a bit melancholy. I can't wait to pair my necklace with Chanel 's Tulip Noir nail polish. I'm a pale pink polish girl, but Tulip Noir is my go-to nail color for evening events in the fall. 

I was inexplicably drawn to this piece. I instantly thought of a few pulled together sheath dresses in my closet that could play perfectly with such a gorgeous piece. Now, I'm just waiting for a little autumn air.


  1. It's stunning! No doubt you will wear it beautifully - love what you have done with the tulle. Very dramatic and Tim Burton-esque.

    I smiled when I saw this post. Last night I pulled out a necklace to wear this morning, a statement piece if there ever was one. It's an Indian 'kundan' necklace in silver and white glass. My mother's cousin gifted it to her - but my mother doesn't wear ornate jewelry, so guess who got it ;) I wore it as a choker (the length is adjustable) to balls and weddings during my twenties - but last night I thought it was time to start wearing it in a more relaxed way. So this morning I loosened the strings so it rests below the collarbones and paired it with a Brooks Brothers shirt and a textured greige skirt by a Singaporean designer, Vickie Tay. I think it works ;) I love pieces with longevity. I can see myself wearing this necklace right into old age.

  2. What a bold piece - it's definitely a statement. I'm not a jewellery girl, but I love the "assertiveness" of wearing a bold-looking piece, and even more when it's worn in an everyday setting.

  3. I agree with Ammu - dramatic and Tim Burton-esque!

    I must be getting restless for the seasonal change, too. Autumn calls for some bold accessories!

  4. A very beautiful piece!!

    And thanks for the lovely comment in my blog!


  5. Beautiful necklace/pin - and so original with the tulle. I really believe jewellery pulls together an outfit, and a necklace like that has the power to either dress up or add a dash or irreverence. Lovely!

  6. It's gorgeous. Great statement piece.

  7. Ammu- Thank you! I still have to figure out what to pair it with, but I think it has such potential. The dancer in me will always love a little bit of tulle. Hopefully, the tulle will curb my desire for the Lanvin tulle necklaces. You're so right- very dramatic and very Tim Burton.

    The Indian 'kundan' necklaces are so beautiful. Yours sounds phenomenal. I love that you can adjust the length (it gives you such versatility) and that it can be worn more formally or everyday. It seems like the perfect accent piece to spice up a work outfit.

    I agree- I love pieces with longevity. That's the one thing I love about jewelry. I still wear pieces that I've had since I was an early teenager. I wear them differently now, but I love that they really have stood the test of time.

    lin- Yes, it's a very bold piece. It's very directional and your, right it is very assertive. I think when you dress rather demurely it adds something unexpected. Sometimes it's very good to wear something bold every once in a while.

    I have such a love for jewelry, because my mom loves it so much. She doesn't wear ornate pieces, but she's definitely an inspiration.

    Tricia- Thank you!!!

    Alice Olive- So dramatic and Tim Burton-esque.

    I agree, Autumn is meant for bold accessories. As much as I'm not ready for summer to end, it will be nice to wear jewel tones and statement jewelry again.

    Audrey- Thank you!

    Oh yes, I always love discovering new blogs:)

    Siobhan- Thank you. You're right, the tulle gives it something unique. Jewelry really does pull together an outfit. I wear studs every day, but I love wearing a necklace, cuff or bracelet as well. I'm not very into the over accessorized looks that you see in magazines or at Fashion Week. One beautiful piece is enough.

    Joy- Thank you. it I think every girl needs a good statement piece.

  8. Such a pretty necklace. I love your Chanel necklace collection! So very elegant. I enjoy your blog and style.

    I like that you don't just purchase the same jewelry or clothing that every blogger is featuring. Blogs have become so unoriginal in that way.

  9. this necklace is AMAZINGGGGGGGGG!!! chanel does statement jewelry like none other!

  10. Adding the tulle ribbons was just such a good idea - I may have to try it with my Marni pins ;)
    I think this piece will look amazing with your Miu Miu dress - I love black and navy together.

  11. Annie- Thank you! In every Chanel collection, there are a few lovely pieces. I'm glad you are enjoying the blog!

    I like that I wear a lot of unique pieces. I know what you mean about blogs. There are some really great pieces that we all love, but I don't feel the need to extoll them once again on the blog.

    Lisa- Thank you! We both share a love of Chanel! They really do some amazing statement jewelry. I find that women definitely stop to talk about the pieces when I wear them.

    Ammu- You should try it. Especially with your Marni necklaces. I love Marni's accessories- the colors and textures. There's a clutch that's caught my eye for Fall;)

    Yes! I was thinking about wearing it with my navy Miu Miu dress. Navy and black is one of my favorite color combinations.

    Sara C- Thank you!!!

  12. Beautiful Necklace. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment as well.

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  13. Monroe Steele- Thank you!

    I recognized your shoes as soon as they popped up in my feed. Adorable. I'm glad you had a good week!

  14. that necklace is pure smashing!!!!

  15. Thank you! It's one of those pieces I know I'll enjoy for years to come.

    Francesca Della Valle- Thank you! I'm in love too.

  16. love the necklace! its beautiful!

  17. xoxo, dania- Thanks Dania.

    ***I keep forgetting that there's a great statement jewelry piece in Oct US Vogue this month. Such inspiration!

  18. It really is stunning, and I'd love to see how you wear it!

  19. This necklace is gorgeous Lindsay! I really love it!
    I missed you and your blog so much! :)

  20. Garderoben- Thank you. It will be interesting to play around with styling it. I've had a while to think about it, so it will be interesting.

    Camille S.- Thank you. Every girl needs a gorgous piece or two. Aww... youur so sweet.