September 24, 2011

Switching Up

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3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Blouse, J. Crew Cropped Trousers, Manolo Blahnik Shoes, Tiffany & Co. Hand Engraved Bracelet

We all know that I love my skirts and dresses, but every once in a while I like to switch things up with a pair of trousers. There's something so sharp and smart about a pair of trousers that's tailored to perfection. Lately, I've come to appreciate the beauty in a pair of pants. What's prettier than a pair of pants billowing in the wind? I fall hard for beautiful clothes and silhouettes that look even prettier in motion. This little skirt (click link) is the perfect example.

I have been wearing these J. Crew pants nonstop. I found them hidden away deep on They feature so many things that I love- a touch of ankle, a fabric that's suitable year-round, a lining. A lining! When did properly lined clothing become such a novelty? I'm generally sized out of pants at J.Crew,  but l I knew these pants would be worth having my tailor rework. They're perfect for these fleeting transitional weeks. As soon as Fashion Week ended, New York had a very sudden taste of chilly weather. I wore these trousers with one of my favorite cashmere sweater jackets. This week has been warm and extremely humid, which calls for these trousers being paired with airy silk blouses. 

Here I'm wearing my trousers with a 3.1 Phillip Lim silk blouse that I picked up from the showroom shortly after Phillip Lim started his line. 3.1 Phillip Lim's Spring/Summer 2012 collection was one of my favorite shows of the week, however I'll always have a weak spot for his early collections. As Lim puts it, "3.1 is about clothes that refine instead of define. A refinement that's a bit classic in attitude, but imparts a sense of individual style, without looking or feeling forced. Confident, unidentifiable, chic and most of all effortless." I tend to gravitate to 3.1 for blouses and dresses that have a certain New York polish, but are also fashion forward or directional. I like that this blouse has subtle feminine details like the puffed sleeve, the front keyhole and ladylike peplum detail (this is not something I usually like, but it just works here). 

PS- My pumps are a very rich chocolate brown. I have a penchant for pairing rich brown with black and navy and black. 


  1. Such a gorgeous and impeccable outfit. I love it. Perfectly conservative enough for the office but not stifling and still very chic :)

  2. Joy- Thank you! You are so right about finding the right balance between being conservative enough for the office without being stifling. It's such a fine line.

  3. I love trousers. Had a couple of pairs tailored recently by a designer friend, cotton-blend with contrasting silk cuffs. Love them so much, I am thinking of getting a third pair in burgundy with purple cuffs. They are so easy to wear and incredibly elegant. I love the pair you are wearing here, they fit you beautifully.

    Love phillip lim's designs too - he seems to be evolving with each collection. The print you are wearing here is lovely - is it ikat?

  4. Ammu- There's nothing like a pair of tailored trousers. Between altering and having bespoke trousers made, I finally have all my basic needs met. It feels good to have that part of my wardrobe settled. The contrasting silk cuffs on your pants are a beautiful detail. A burgundy pair of trousers would be beautiful. I love burgundy for Autumn. You're so right trousers are really elegant and fit is so important.

    Phillip Lim does seem to evolve with each collection. I think a few years ago there were a lot of questions about who the woman he was designing for was. It seems like he's really resolved this.

    The print does look like Ikat here. It's a little less abstract in person. It's a silk screen print.

  5. You look gorgeous Lindsay! Your blouse is really chic! :)

  6. Camille S.- Thank you. You're so sweet!

  7. I know what you mean about the cropped trousers, especially lining! (Yes, when did that become so rare?) I also have trouble with J Crew's fit. I actually spoke to a J Crew salesperson in their Soho store a few months ago about it and she insisted they had reworked the Winter range and I'd notice the difference... Not a chance. They still SWIM in a really weird way. I was like you and also thought they were worth tailoring. The cropped length was perfect (also something which is individual to all of us) and the waist fit was spot-on.

    Anyway, enough rave... I love this ensemble and your shoes, in particular! Manolo fits like no other!

  8. Gorgeous pics and I love your ps tips. ♥

  9. You look so elegant, so chic! Actually, you always do! :)) I love absolutely everything about your outfit. Trousers that are perfectly fitted. Blouse - so elegant, so timeless and interesting all the same. Absolutely perfect shoes. But what I love the most is your gracefulness!

  10. The fit of your pants is impeccable! Even though it is a switch up, the look seems very "you." It's difficult to do things that go out of one's uniforms and still retain the feel of your style, but you have definitely achieved that.

    Also, you with your pants is like me with knits lately. I rarely wear substantial, sweater weight pullovers, but after wearing the one I have to add some variety to my uniform, I've found that I really do enjoy them and am now looking for others because I've been wearing my one so often.

  11. Alice Olive- Thank you! The lining situation is so perplexing. At all price points designers seem to think it isn't necessary to line trousers. It's especially frustrating when it comes to white. It's so interesting to hear that you also have trouble with the fit at J Crew. My tailor laughed when I initially tried on these pants. I think it's always about weighing if an item has enough of the things you love to purchase. The cropped length is perfect.

    These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Perfect for work. I agree- Manolo fits wonderfully.

    Tricia- Thank you. I love putting the tips in. Sometimes it's about breaking the rules.

    Ginta- Thank you, that's so sweet. You are so right about the need for a blouse to be elegant and timeless but interesting too. It's good to know that you can find that in one garment. Ah... so interesting that gracefulness and mannerisms can become part of personal style.

    Austere- Thank you. You're so right- I think it's key to look and feel like yourself. It's always important to retain that sense of self, but still be open to going outside of your uniform.

    I'm glad you're embracing knits. I love knits in the fall and winter. I'm just waiting for the weather here to cool, off so I can pull them out.

  12. I depended on trousers when I worked in an office with a dress code. I rarely give them much thought now, but I find trousers can be no less chic and polished and infinitely more practical than skirts.

    I agree with Austere, you wear your lovely trousers with the same feminine flair as you do your skirts and dresses.

  13. lin- Thank you- that's very sweet. Trousers are great for work. Trousers can certaintly be just as chic as skirts and dresses. I'm so happy that I finally have a few polished pairs in my wardrobe.

    "Feminine Flair"- I like that. Even if I usually wear skirts and dresses I like the idea of keeping the aesthetic the same.

  14. Love the switch up. You always look so chic-these pictures are gorgeous. Oh and the delicate bone structure in your face is so stunning; even with the cropping you can tell.

  15. Anonymous- Thank you. It's refreshing to change things up every once in a while. You are too funny- and I thought I was cropping out enough of my face;)

  16. love your top.. you look so chic!!

    check out my blog and please follow if you like:


  17. keschen- Thank you. I love this blouse and chic is ALWAYS what I'm going for.

    Of course I will look at your blog. I'm looking forward to it:) I check out the blogs of everyone who comments and LOVE finding new ones.