November 28, 2011

Back In The Game

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Chanel Necklace, Petit Bateau T Shirt, Rebecca Taylor Jacket, Carven Skirt, Wolford Velvet de Luxe Tights, Miu Miu Shoes

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Leave it to me to get sick just in time for Thanksgiving (and my whole family being together). I'm rarely sick, so you can imagine my disappointment. I've been stretching myself a bit thin and it finally caught up with me. It was a good weekend for catching up on a few good books in between bouts of fatigue. The always lovely Ammu recently reminded me of my love for Yves Saint Laurent Style by Hamish Bowles. I hadn't picked it up since the Yves Saint Laurent retrospective* and it was just as enjoyable. 

As the title of this post suggests, these photos are from my first foray out all weekend. An unusually balmy weekend was perfect for a stroll to see all of the holiday decorations. This Carven skirt is still one of my favorite autumn pieces- it just feels special. I've been extremely impressed with the quality of the Carven items I've purchased. They're doing something right over there. I've been playing around styling this skirt with different jackets. 

This jacket is lined (which has sadly become a rarity) and is the perfect nubby tweed that autumn wouldn't be complete without. Even more impressive is the fact that this jacket hasn't pilled. I have no tolerance for pilling. Please tell me that someone else has this aversion. We all know I love my natural fabrics, so I was delighted that corners weren't cut there. Now if only autumn decides to make a return. 

*So glad the retrospective is finally traveling and to a few unlikely cities. Taking in the enormity of the exhibit (in an empty Petit Palais) with the gentleman was the perfect way to while away an afternoon.


  1. Here's hoping you feel better soon! Lovely outfit. You know how much I love that Carven skirt. Just waiting for temperatures in Delhi to dip enough so I can wear it with tights.

    I hear you about jackets - I am taking my favourite Steven Alan blazer to a designer friend who's offered to have his cutters replace the lining. The jacket is barely two years old and the lining is just falling apart. So frustrating.

    I love the jacket you are wearing here, but I usually need a v-neck lapel since I wear so many Oxford shirts and somehow the round neck just doesn't work with the shirt collars. Looks lovely on you though!

  2. The lace at the sleeves is a nice detail.

  3. Ah, sorry to hear that, I hate being sick on festive occasions as well. You're definitely back in the game looking chic as usual!

    I keep reading all the great stuff about Carven, but I think their aesthetic just isn't for me. Still, nice to hear about a label revival that's working well and seems to have cornered a niche of its own.

  4. Ammu- Thanks, I hope so too. I love the Carven skirt with tights. Tights are one of my favorite things about cooler weather.

    That’s so frustrating about the lining of your Steven Alan blazer. I really like when jackets are lined in a luxe material. I like knowing that the designer carefully considered the details.

    Interestingly enough this is the only round neck blazer I own. I think I hesitated at the time because I’m used to V neck labels and wearing button downs. I think my mom convinced me that it would be a good piece for weekends at the very least.

    Prêt à Porter P- Yes, I love the lace too. There’s nothing like a little unexpected detail.

    Lin- I know, being sick during a festive time of year is not so fun. I hope to feel better soon.

    Carven is a very specific aesthetic, but that’s what I like about it. I don’t necessarily believe that everything needs to be revived but it’s nice that they tapped into something that was missing. There are very few brands that I’ve been continually impressed with when it comes to quality.

  5. You look lovely. So sorry to hear you were ill and especially over such a big holiday. I've just discovered your blog and will definitely be coming back!x

  6. Milly- Thank you and welcome to the blog!

  7. Hope you're all better now! (Well, that hope is obviously fulfilled, considering that you're up and about looking stylish ;)

    Love the nubby-ness of the jacket :D The hot climate here doesn't allow for tweeds, so I'm usually stuck with a uniform of cotton. *sigh* I'd love more variety in texture, but cotton's the only natural fabric that works in this heat ;P Polyester and other UN-natural fabrics just don't cut it for me!

    I hate pilling too...but I'm never sure how to fix it. Someone recommended using a razor, but it seems a little drastic to me...

    (Btw, thanks so much for replying my email so quickly! :)

  8. drifterqueen- I'm trying, but still feeling really fatigued. Stylish clothes make that a wee bit better;)

    Love nubby fabrics for autumn. You're so right about cotton being nice and cool and sticking to natural fabrics in intense heat.

    I'm very picky when it comes to fabrics that look like they may pill. That's always a key factor when it comes to knits. I have been lucky thus far and don't use a shaver.

    Haha- was on rapid fire answering blog email late last night. I can't wait for your book to get to you:)

  9. Drifterqueen - I use a shaving device on some of my wool clothing and I haven't had any problems. You could also get a sandpaper comb, though I find the shaver more efficient. A good drycleaner should be able to advise you on what's best.

  10. For me is usual to get sick on holidays, your body relaxes and everything comes out. Hope you fell better.

    I hate pilling as well!! It gets in my nerves I do use a razor with cheap clothes, most of my things :(

    You look amazing, I love the skirt, I wish I could wear something like that..

  11. lunaday- That's too bad. It makes sense that if you are used to running all the time the minute you slow down everything catches up to you.

    I'm doing much better- thank you! But I still can't kick this thing. Even worse, half of my team at work has it too:(

    Oh the pills- hate it.

    You could so wear a skirt like this:) You always look smashing.

  12. You look so elegant! This look is impecable. I dislike pilling as well.
    Get better soon!

  13. Grace- Thank you! You're far too kind.

  14. Hi Lindsay! Wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and sorry its taken me so long to post any comment on yours. I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now but have just been shy about posting any comments. You have a wonderfully polished personal style but I love how down to earth and approachable you make it. Just like the outfit you've posted here. In very good taste! :)

  15. I'm glad to see you're getting better- even if it is bit-by-bit! You look incredibly chic as usual and the jacket is quite stunning. I agree with you and Prêt a Porter P, the lace adds a nice unexpected touch.

  16. Your Carven skirt is probably one of the most perfect black skirt I have ever seen ♥

  17. chic_e- Hello! Oh no, please don't be shy about commenting. I really love reading them.

    Thank you for your sweet words. You hinted on exactly why I started this blog. I love looking polished and in good taste but still being approachable.

  18. I hope you are feeling much better now :) I adore your jacket, such a beautiful classic piece. A wonderfully polished look :)

    Love, Vanilla

  19. Austere- Thank you! Bit by bit is exactly it. It's taking forever for me to get back to normal.

    I love unexpected details- they're so necessary when everything feels so predictable.

    Emma S.- Thank you:) That's exactly why I couldn't leave it behind.

  20. Vanilla - Notes from my closet- Thank you. I'm getting there!

    I love a piece that's classic, polished and easy to wear.Jackets are one of the best things about cooler weather.

  21. love your jacket and the details - you look feminine and chic but still effortlessly so. hope you're better! it's so easy to get sick over the holidays.

  22. miss sophie- Thank you! "feminine and chic, but effortlessly so" - I LOVE that. I love looking polished, but it has to look effortless.

    Having so much trouble kicking the flu!

  23. You have such a amazing sense of style. You always are so chic :)
    Your Carven skirt is just.. Parfaite!

  24. Camille S. -Thank you! I try (hehe). I'm still so in love with my Carven skirt;)

  25. I love your skirt!
    And your blog by the way...
    I hear you with respect to lining in jackets - I have purchased two fairly expensive jackets lately and neither was lined! They are more like cardigans :S

  26. catssaymeow- Thank you!!!

    So frustrating that even when you spend a lot of money on a jacket, they are so rarely lined. It really makes me cherish the ones that are:)