December 17, 2011

Quick Change

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3.1 Phillip Lim Dress, Wolford Velvet de Luxe Tights

The past couple of weeks have left me up to my ears in holiday merriment, in between wrapping up the year professionally. The other night, I hosted a meet and greet at Le Caprice. The room was filled with volunteers, who generously agreed to serve on the benefit committee for next month's fundraiser. It was heartwarming to see so many people out for the kickoff.

So, with nary a moment to spare, I dashed up Fifth; past the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, department store windows, the Fifth Avenue Star and all that makes New York magical during this time of year. As the hostess, I thought it would be nice to do it up a bit. Nothing feels more glamorous and instantly pulled together then being well-groomed. Pretty hair, glowing skin, expertly applied makeup and an exquisite piece of jewelry are paramount for evening, but sometimes a pretty dress doesn't hurt either. 

I picked up this dove gray dress from the 3.1 Phillip Lim showroom a few years ago. It was one of those items that I overlooked at first. After being prompted several times by the ever convincing PRs, I tried it on and there was something about it... A feeling, or instinct that even though the ornamentation is a departure from what I'm normally drawn to; the silhouette and fabrics suit my style perfectly. Only a few dresses ended up being produced, which is something I love. 

This dress has become one of the dresses that I keep on hand at the office for the myriad of gatherings that prompt a quick change. I love having a few changes at the ready.


  1. you look so good! love the simplicity of the dress even though its obvious there's actually a great detail of thought into the various draping and cut. glad to hear that you like my latest post, and in response to your comment, i thought about tagging you but felt it was a little juvenile, and you're obviously a working woman while i'm still a silly college undergrad so i was too embarrassed to :P

  2. Woow beautiful dress, at least from what we can gather from the white and black picture. What it is made of, silk and wool? Very elegant indeed. How do you style it for your event? With some pops of colours? Anyway it seems very confortable too.

  3. Joy- Thank you!

    I agree there's a simplicity that I love, but then then there are all the intricacies like drape, cut, pockets (love that) that make it special. I like when a designer puts thought into an item.

    Yes, I really liked your post. It's so interesting to read more about my favorite bloggers. Aww… you are so not a silly college student and the tag so isn't juvenile;) I can't wait to see what people write.

  4. Beautiful dress, I particularly love the draping at the waist. Phillip Lim is always interesting to watch, and gray is one of my favourite colours, along with navy and pink.
    Isn't December a fun month? I am enjoying all the socialising before I dash off on holiday :)

  5. I love the sleeves, wish more dresses had sleeves like this. You look fantastic and ready to take on the holidays in style and ease. And that's not always an easy feat!

  6. eveange66- Thank you! Yes silk and wool crepe. The pockets are lined in silk which is really nice. And then you have the ornamentation and freshwater pearls.

    I usually style this dress with a little pop of color. A burgundy lip, diamond drop earrings and a cocktail ring. I like adding a blush hued bag or wrap with the dove gray.

    It's so comfortable.

    Ammu- Thank you. The draping at the waist is my favorite part too. I really appreciate a designer who can drape; it's probably because of my love of vintage Madame Gres and Vionnet. When it comes to cocktail and evening I always think of those houses and how their work still seems relevant and modern today.

    Phillip Lim is so interesting. I've been going to the showroom since the beginning and he just keeps getting better. I also really respect the way they produce and manufacture their clothing, which can't always be said.

    Gray, pink, and navy are such great colors, but still neutral.

    December is so fun! I'm glad you are enjoying the month:) I was worried about cramming another thing into December, but people love being out and about this time of year.

    Where are you heading on holiday?

  7. chic_e - Thanks!!!

    I like the longer sleeve length too. It's great for a more professional event when you don't want to be too bare;)

  8. I am partial to draping too, probably because of my love of the sari. There's nothing worse than a badly draped sari, and nothing so elegant as a beautifully-draped one :)
    Happy to hear your thoughts on phillip lim - I haven't had great luck with the fit but am always tempted to try on an item or two, because they look so beautiful and simple at the same time.
    I am off to Bangalore and Goa - a little bit of family time, a little bit of city time, a little bit of beach time - can't wait!

  9. Love the play of contrasting textures! :D

    I must confess: at first glance, I thought the dress was composed of separates...When I realized my mistake, it fascinated me :) I do love such dresses where the detail offered by separates is balanced with the sleeker silhouette of a single garment ;) I must say, it's quite a lovely compromise you have there!

  10. Wow love the metallic finish of the top half.
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  11. Ammu- It's so fascinating to see that throughout histories so many cultures have experimented with draping- the sari, kimonos, togas. The sari is so beautiful:)

    Fit is always so hard. Even when I love a designer I end up having to take things in. You're so right about Lim's clothes looking beautiful, but simple. I like that he always keeps things interesting.

    Oh Goa is on my list of travel destinations. I like a beautiful beach and the architecture. Have such a good time.

    drifterqueen- I like the textures too. It keeps things interesting.

    Oh, I could totally see you thinking it was separates. The funny thing is when I wear separates (a blouse neatly tucked into a skirt) I've had people ask if I'm wearing a dress.

    Naina- Yes, the silk top does look metallic. It's fun.

  12. Love this post!

    I have a Phillip Lim like this, too. And I come back to it again and again and again. How could I have dismissed it when I first saw it?! I feel a million dollars in it. Isn't that the best feeling?

  13. So lovely, as usual! I was just commenting over at Austere's blog about how my wardrobe is definitely lacking in go-to "dressing up" pieces -- in these cases, I inevitably end up scrambling through my closet for something (anything!) to wear, and it's such an annoying process. I have to say that your blog is definitely a source of inspiration for such looks, even though we have different styles -- I love how elegant and beautifully put-together you always look! Hope you have a great holiday!

  14. The print on your dress is beautiful! And having a few quick change pieces in your office is a good idea. Luckily being in college I'm never too far away from my closet to not be able to change quickly, but I'm storing your good idea for later. :)

  15. Thank you for your visit to my blog. This dress looks fabulous - I never heard of this designer Phillip Lim.. will look him up.

  16. Alice Olive- Thank you!

    Don’t you love those pieces that you come back to again and again? I must say I’ve had really good luck with Phillip Lim’s things- I still have pieces from the very first collection and they’re still going strong. That’s the case with almost everything I buy.

    I’m sure you look stunning in your dress. That feeling of confidence is the best feeling ever! I know exactly what you mean about dismissing an item...

    Rachel- Thank you! I hate that feeling of scrambling around. I like knowing that I’ll always have something appropriate.

    That’s so nice of you to say that you find my blog inspiring. I’m often inspired by people that don’t have the same style as me.

  17. just gorgeous... for the holidays especially.

  18. Austere- Thank you. Glad to see you blogging again:)

    I'm all about having a backup outfit and changes of shoes.

    FairyFiligree- Thank you and thanks for stopping by. Yes, you should look at Phillip Lim's work.

  19. rebecca- Thank you! Yes, it is rather festive. Hope your enjoying the season:) NY is so pretty this time of year.

  20. Love the dress! It's one of those statement cum classic piece that flatters. I've bought a few Phillip Lim pieces from his earlier collection and have worn them to bits. I've yet to have the opportunity to visit NY but I'm sure it must be rather magical at this time of the year.

  21. Chocolate, Cookies & Candies- Thank you! I love the idea of a statement piece that's also classic. Too often classic means boring.

    I'm glad to hear that you've had good luck with Phillip Lim pieces. I love the early years.

    Yes, NY is enchanting during the holidays! Hope you have a Merry Christmas. Lil L must be so excited.

  22. hi dear,thanks for visiting my blog :).. i really fall in love with your phillip lim,sadly the brand still does not enter malaysian market yet..drooling over it

    1. Bag Braggers- Thank you!!!

      I'm sure the brand will make it's way to Malaysia eventually. Don't you hate when you can't see something for yourself!