May 22, 2012

Keeping It Simple

Idra Trench Coat, Cotélac Sweater, J Crew Matchstick Cropped Jeans and Corso Como Pumps

“Style is how you see the world and how the world sees you. It isn’t today and it isn’t tomorrow; it isn’t a dress or a car or a shoe or a comment—it’s the cut of your sail as you cross this crazy, uncharted sea. Far ahead, legions of boats have already made the crossing—some grander, some more sleek—and still newer boats are always coming up behind you. Style is the manner in which you navigate your one remarkable voyage.” - Carol Edgarian

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Here are a few pictures taken in between meeting with my tailors and running a few errands before I head out of town later today. I spent Saturday morning reviewing inspiration images, working up sketches, pouring over fabrics, discussing fit and style- ultimately coming up with my vision for the “perfect” shirt. Both tailors pointed out that I looked exactly the same, but we still took plenty of measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Now, I just have to wait patiently over the next few months.
This is my version of a weekend uniform that’s suitable for errands and appointments during the warmer months. Thank goodness for uniforms! Especially when uniforms allow you to look polished and pulled together when you’re feeling anything but. I’ve been on antibiotics since the weekend due to a very resistant office bug, but managed somehow to pull it together.

I adore trench coats (I have such a thing for coats) and always look forward to the weather warming up enough to wear my bracelet and ¾ length sleeve coats. I have a few classic trenches, so this coat is a nice change. 

The Corso Como pumps are deserving of a post of their own. I’m discerning when it comes to shoes, but Corso Como does a comfortable, well-crafted shoe at a very reasonable price- proving that quality doesn’t have to be expensive. Most importantly, there’s a consciousness with regards to the manufacturing process and the treatment of employees that is important to me. 

May 18, 2012

Style Essentials- A Preface

Tabitha Simmons via Into the Gloss

One of the great privileges of writing this blog has been all of the feedback, tips and words of wisdom from readers that I’ve received. My dear friend, Dead Fleurette said it best “never stop learning” from each other, books, the world, etc. Sharing is a big part of that. 

Over the past few months, I’ve received a number of emails on my Style Essentials. I know I’ve said it before, but style and identity are so intricately intertwined and personal. I can’t wait to share my timeless and beloved essentials that have served their purpose as pillars of my wardrobe. I hope you will share some of your favorites as well. 

No conversation on style essentials can commence without mentioning one of my all time favorites- the smile. There’s something so infectious and endearing about a genuine smile. It's sacrosanct in the world of high fashion to be moody, but to me, positivity is always stylish. 

The talented stylist, editor and designer, Tabitha Simmons exemplifies the positivity that’s such a rarity in fashion. Every time that I’ve stumbled upon her at events or a runway show, she’s genuinely smiling or laughing. I can’t think of a more beautiful thing. 

* PS- I enjoyed this recent article on Tabitha’s design and business philosophies.

May 13, 2012


Last Saturday, the gentleman and I went to see Bonjour Tristesse at Film Forum (now playing until May 24th- having been extended twice). We rarely find ourselves still, so an afternoon at the movies seems quite decadent. These days, catching up on movies tends to happen only on long-haul flights.   

I can’t think of a better film to countdown the days until summer. Having read Bonjour Tristesse, I’m constantly enthralled by the beautiful cinematic language Francoise Sagan used to describe the te d'Azur. The gorgeous expanses of the French Rivera never disappoint. 

The gentleman and I have been having such wanderlust for warm days spent by the sea. Traveling from town to town (and a few lesser known islands), sailing, playing tennis, visiting boutiques and markets and reading on the beach. I have in no way mastered “the art of just being”, but a trip like this is a step in the right direction.

On a sartorial note, Jean Seberg’s Cecile was dressed perfectly for a carefree vacation. Modest swimsuits (I love this Chanel swimsuit for a splurge), boatneck tunics, chambray shirts, striped shirts, white pants, high waisted shorts* and a little black dress for evenings out, is all one needs in the carry on.  After all, isn’t planning for a trip part of the fun?

*I’m slowly coming around to the idea of shorts.

All images courtesy of The Everett Collection

May 7, 2012

Little Happy List #4

My Personal Photo

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I think we’re long overdue for a Little Happy List. They’re always a joy to write and I hope you enjoy reading them as well. Here’s to happiness!

Gardens and Outdoor Spaces
I’m fortunate to live in such close proximity to so many well-maintained outdoor spaces. There’s nothing like the solace of a quick walk through a gorgeous garden- even better now that everything is in bloom. 

My Personal Photo


Peonies might be my favorite flower of all time, second only to my love of Gardenias. Early spring when Peonies first appear brings great joy. Spring means visiting the flower district to fill my home with beautiful blooms at a fraction of the cost of visiting a florist.  

My Personal Photo

L’Occitane Honey Hand Cream 
L’Occitane’s Honey Hand Cream is one of my small luxuries at the moment. Keeping my skin hydrated is my greatest skincare concern. In addition to keeping my hands well moisturized- this cream smells delightful and makes me feel instantly relaxed at work. 

Courtesy of VeePost

Bespoke Shirts 
My tailor is coming to New York later in the month. I was delighted when a handwritten note in a vintage airmail envelope arrived. I’m dreaming of cotton voile, peter pan collars and short puff sleeves. 

Courtesy of This is Glamorous

Outside of academia, acknowledgements are an afterthought. I will receive an acknowledgement in a book that I’m extremely excited about. It’s a book that will make a lovely giveaway. Now we just have to wait until October… I’m truly humbled. 

What’s making you happy?

PS- I couldn't resist the pink Schiaparelli boxes on Met Ball Monday

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May 1, 2012


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“I love big cities, but for me it would be rather difficult to live in a big city full time. Cities absorb a lot of energy. Antwerp provides a healthy step back—I can look at the world from a distance.” 
- Dries Van Noten at FIAF on living in Antwerp versus New York or Paris.

Taking a step back from the energetic pace of the cities I love was just one of many things that I left the Dries Van Noten talk pondering. I always feel most productive in large cities, but regardless of where I find myself, it’s important to find places that offer a respite from the everyday. Stealing a few quiet moments to linger over fine art is one of my favorite ways to recharge from a busy week. 

My Personal Photo
My Personal Photo

A week ago we did just that. A glorious eighty-degree Saturday called for strolling about (ducking into Hermes and Celine), ultimately making our way to The Frick Collection. The Frick is one of my favorite tranquil places in New York City. One of the last remaining Gilded Age mansions in New York City, the Frick collection is certainty one of the most prominent. There’s just something about viewing art in a domestic setting (despite the fact that Henry Clay Frick only lived in the home for five years) that I find enchanting every time I visit. To see masterpieces by Bellini, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Goya and Whistler (to name a few) in such an intimate space is never lost on an art lover like me. It’s comforting to know that Henry Clay Frick intended for the house to become a museum. 

The Garden Court Courtesy of The Frick Collection

The Fragonard Room and Garden Court are serene places that I enjoy visiting, however the purpose of this visit was to see Renoir, Impressionism and Full-Length Painting- a nine painting exhibition of Renoir’s large figurative compositions. The Frick consistently presents exhibitions along with lectures and symposia that explore a subject in depth. Renoir, Impressionism and Full-Length Painting questions Renoir’s relationship with fashion and the intricate ways in which he captured it as the son of a dressmaker and tailor. An amazing exhibit that I highly recommend seeing. 

So I have to ask- where do you go to recharge after a long week? Do tell.