March 9, 2011

On Elegance

Via Oscar PR Girl

There is a saying in France, 'Elegance is the privilege of age' - and thank heaven, it is perfectly true. A woman can be elegant until the end of her days. However, as the years pass a woman changes in type, and she must be intelligent and objective enough to recognize the fact. A Guide to Elegance

A Guide to Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux is one of those books that I find myself re-reading again and again. Every time I unearth it from my bookshelf it's like being reunited with a treasure. Needless to say, if you have not read this book, I highly recommend reading it. It truly speaks to the idea of cultivating a timeless style, having grace and poise. 

Elegance is extremely personal. To be elegant is to truly know yourself and what suits you. Elegance is reflective. Perhaps it's acquired with age. I love the idea that a woman can grow into her elegance. If  'elegance is the privilege of age' doesn't that make getting older all the more exciting? 

Recently, I hosted a fancy and very adult benefit dinner. I tried on beautiful designer gowns and  while all of the dresses were gorgeous, I had a few years to grow into them. I ended up wearing a tasteful and very chic short dress. It's interesting to think that one day the more austere gown will be right. Sigh... One day. 

Currently, I find the following elegant-

* My signature Chanel Noir nail polish  
* Being gracious 
* Feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin
* A handwritten note
* Keeping it subtle with the perfect white shirt (I'm still looking) or trench, but knowing when to add that little unique detail that pops.  
* Timeless pieces that only get better with age

What do you find elegant?


  1. Good manners are always elegant :) As is simplicity.

  2. I read the book late last year, and I liked her serene, unruffled way of writing. Agree with you that elegance is very personal. I don't think I look like what people consider elegant but even in my jeans it's something I strive for.

    Things I find elegant:
    - Patience
    - A good meal with friends
    - A plain silk shirt
    - Confidence

  3. Ammu- Thank you for your comment! Well said. It truly begins and ends with manners.

    Lin- I like her writing style too. I read your blog and I can tell you are very elegant. I like your list too! Patience- if only I had more of that. The plain silk shirt- how chic!

  4. Oh, this post is simply divine. I love how you describe elegance, and I fully believe that elegance is something one acquires with time.

    As for what I find elegant: A woman's need to be alone and be with only herself.

  5. Fleurette- Coming from you that is the utmost compliment, thank you! I love the idea of needing time alone. Being able to appreciate and enjoy your own company is a beautiful thing.

  6. ^You're too sweet!

    By the way, I would love to see what's on your top shelf + on grooming, beauty, fragrances, etc.

  7. Fleurette- Thank you for the wonderful suggestions. Blog posts on all of these topics are coming soon!

    I'm always open to suggestions, so please let me know what you would like to see.

  8. I just discovered your blog, and actually I shouldn't read it now because I am at work but I can't stop!

    I think it's very elegant (oh, it's also in topic :D), chic and simple. Also relaxing, very pleasant to read...

    For me elegance... mmmh I have many ideas of elegance.
    I really admire the girls that know how to look beautiful with very simple outfits, because they mastered the art of being glamorous just thanks to their attitude and to just a little particular detail. They are my role models.

    I find elegant to have healthy and well-brushed hair, simple but spotless make-up and good looking nails. You can also wear just a black t-shirt and jeans then but you'll be looking very good the same.

    I find elegant to dress simply and add just a statement piece (for example I like statement rings or necklaces)

    I find elegant to be gentle, polite and wear a sincere smile.

    I find totally non elegant the compulsive shopping and wearing different things every day, and IT- (-bag, -shoes...) concept. I find elegant who can fall in love with a very good accessory, a handbag or a piece of clothing (maybe buying only that in 6 months)and create their own style around it. It reminds me of my very elegant and stylish grandmother :-)

    ...OK I could go on for ages so better I stop here :D

    Have a nice day :-)


    -The Red Dot-

  9. Al- Thank you for your thoughtful and sweet comment. I'm glad to hear that you enjoy the blog.

    I agree with you, I admire girls who know how to be beautiful and keep it simple. I cannot say that I've mastered that, but it is something I strive for. There's something about keeping an outfit simple, but being immaculately groomed that I find very elegant.

    I love a statement piece- especially a necklace.

    There is nothing more elegant than having a piece that you treasure and enjoy wearing again and again.