March 14, 2011

Pretty Little Things

"For many women, French lingerie is the ultimate in beautiful underwear. Feminine but rarely frilly, French lingerie differs in style from Italian, which is more elaborate. French lingerie, on the other hand, blurs the distinction between can-can and muse, femme fatale and woman on a pedestal. Yet it is actually quite understated, its style more dependent on superb fabrics and workmanship than adornment." Cathy Horyn  
Via Worn In Perfection
I have a penchant for beautifully made undergarments. I value, good construction, high quality fabrics that feel soft to the touch and a proper fit. Treating yourself to fine unmentionables, bras, bralettes (one of my favorite things), camisoles, robes and slips are some of life's little luxuries that are worth indulging in for yourself. There is something incredibly empowering about knowing you are wearing something incredibly beautiful underneath it all. 
I prefer lingerie that is feminine. I don't want my lingerie to be overly frilly or fussy. Lingerie should be understated and subtle. I adore a touch of lace. Lingerie is the first thing you put on and the foundation for your wardrobe. When shopping for lingerie, you should touch the fabrics to ensure that the lace feels polished and soft. Most importantly the lace shouldn't snag or itch. 
The majority of fine lingerie is made from pure lace and silk, however there are varying degrees of quality. Italy and France produce what many consider the finest lingerie silk in the world - woven from silk thread imported from China, the leading supplier of thread and silk fabric. Even the finest lingerie is machine sewn, so the quality of materials is what truly sets it a part. 
The other day, a colleague was telling me  that she had purchased exquisite bras from Dior in Paris years ago and has never been able to find the same quality in the US. The Dior lingerie that is sold in Printemps, Bon Marche and boutiques all over Paris is predominantly silk and made with premium lace. The Dior lingerie that is available in America is sold through a licensee, which accounts for why my friend couldn't find the same craftsmanship. Sometimes you just have to go to Paris. 
That being said, fine lingerie is worth investing in. In Paris, I enjoy splurging at Sabbia Rosa for comely underthings. The camisoles trimmed with handmade French lace and the attention to fit make for a luxurious shopping experience. There's something incredibly rewarding about saving for something special. In New York, I'm loyal to Cosabella, Calvin Klein and Eres (a French brand that is readily available in New York), which provide a diverse assortment of styles for petite sizes. You should always feel good about your purchases and I wholeheartedly believe that feeling good starts with the underpinnings. 


  1. Time to book a trip to Paris. ♥

  2. I really really enjoyed this post! Beautiful lingerie is luxury and like a little secret from the world. No one else besides you knows your secret!

  3. Thanks Tricia! One of many reasons to plan a trip to Paris!

    I would love to see someone do a made to measure boutique for undergarments here. I know a few people who have tried, but it's just so expensive to import the materials and run a custom boutique here.

  4. Fleurette- That's exactly it. A beautiful secret from the world.

  5. I've always been quite basic in my attitude towards lingerie, and admittedly, that hasn't changed much, but your post is a good nudge in a better direction!

  6. Lin- There is nothing wrong with basics!

  7. wery well said: lingerie should be subtle.I hate all the "too-much accessoriezed" push-ups bra with sequins,ribbons etc. The one from the photo above is just perfect.

  8. Onlycoolcats- Isn't the photo above perfection? There is something very beautiful about delicate and subtle lingerie.

  9. Nice post. i agree with you :)

  10. love this post. slips in particular are highly underrated. i love wearing one under a dress.
    i love lacey bras, but i tend to wear fitted tops and hate the visible effect - turns subtle into trampy verrry quickly.

  11. Catarina- You are very sweet. Thank you for taking the time to comment:)

    Son- Thank you for the lovely comment. Slips are so underrated. I consider them a must too. Although, I feel like they're increasingly harder to find.

    So true about undergarments with lace. It's an editorial look that doesn't always translate well in reality.