April 6, 2011

Hello From Hong Kong!

Hello from Hong Kong! The last few days I have been busy crisscrossing this wonderful city. I have been trying to orient myself and dive into the pace. So far all is well, with the exception of my establishing a sleep schedule. I frequently go through bouts of insomnia, however I prefer that it doesn't rear its' ugly head when I have meetings to be alert and prepared for. Oh well. 

I have been soaking up the warmer weather  and enjoying every minute of it. I think every New Yorker has been feeling like spring was never going to come! Being in a warmer clime has me starting to plan my spring wardrobe. I will do a spring wardrobe post soon. It feels good to break out my trench coats, stripey shirts ballerina flats and cropped trousers. 

Here are a few pictures are Hong Kong so far. A photographer friend recommended this camera and I had no time to learn how to use it before my trip, so I'm winging it.


A View From High Above

Sparkling water infused with fresh fruits

Lotus Garden at Chin Lin Nunnery

Nan Lian Gardens



  1. love your pics! who needs the camera manual? hehe

  2. Thanks Tricia! I would really like to work on my photography skills this year.

  3. Great photos. I just love the serenity of these gardens. Can't wait to visit Brooklyn Botanical Gardens this spring for the first time. I know their Japanese garden is not going to look anything like this, but at least Hanami is on!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks Katz NYC. The gardens were such a peaceful respite from busy Hong Kong. So many natural parks, gardens and beaches to enjoy.

    You will love the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. They're beautiful and a lovely escape from the city.

    Have a wonderful weekend!