April 7, 2011

Now Coveting

Courtesy of Vogue Paris

Jak and Jill 

"What's wonderful about her shows is that you can't remember what you were wearing before. Once you see it, that's what you want. It's a very utilitarian look but it's done in a way that's very sumptuous, very modern and very desirable at this moment. Every single thing she does seems to look urgent and that's the key to selling fashion right now." - Sally Singer 

I have admired Phoebe Philo's work since her days as a design assistant for Stella McCartney at Chloe. In my mind, there has always been something intellectual about her clothing that went beyond the idea of 'fashion.' In the same manner as Dries Van Noten, Philo's Celine is designed for smart and intelligent women who enjoys fashion. It's a juxtaposition that suits me. After all, one of the greatest things about being a woman is how multidimensional we are.  

One of the most important aspects of building a wardrobe is careful editing. In the same way that a fashion editor sifts through and curates items from the collections, you have to apply those skills to your own closet. Building a wardrobe is a process that takes time. Currently, I am content with my wardrobe. It's filled with items that I love and that flatter me. That being said, a well thought out wardrobe doesn't stop me from coveting an item or two. 

Currently I am coveting a bag from Celine. I find them incredibly versatile and orderly. Celine bags look put together, which is something I strive for. Who doesn't want to look immaculate and well coifed? I think this will be my next big purchase. The funny thing is that my hotel is in extremely close proximity to the Celine store. I am having 'Celine Dreams' because the hotel is connected to the boutique. Thankfully, I am not an impulse shopper. I only bring an item into my wardrobe after careful consideration. 

I always have a list in my head of items I need to add to my wardrobe or replace. Yet, when something is right, I trust my instincts and go with it. Yesterday, I purchased a Claude Pierlot dress at Rue Madame in Causeway Bay (I highly recommend this boutique. The sales staff was extremely sweet and helpful). Another dress was not on my list, but this one is perfect. This dress is extremely flattering and can be worn in a multitude of ways. I adore Claude Pierlot, but it's a bit hard to source in New York. Ah, another reason to travel to Paris. I digress. 

Wardrobe building is about balance and enhancing what you already have. That being said, I'm still pondering adding a Celine bag to my wardrobe. Perhaps only time will tell. What are you coveting? 

PS- I am also having Lanvin dreams. The Hong Kong store has different offerings from the New York store. Slowly I'm starting to forgive Alber Elbaz for the H&M collaboration.


  1. I love this post. I too am coveting a bag from Celine because of the same reasons that you've talked about. I'd love to see the dress for Claudie Pierlot. I love her clothes!

    We have the same shopping strategy. I too keep a list in my head, and you're right about that wardrobe building is about balance and enhancing what you already own. Right now I'm pretty much happy with my small selection, and all of my clothes are essentials.. I keep wondering, do I really need a white t-shirt or shirt? I don't own any of these garments right now but my wardrobe works wonderfully.

    Hope you're having the best time in Hong Kong. Do share photos of the food you're eating :D

    Btw I thought I was the only one who hated the Lanvin x H&M collaboration. Now, I may come off as very shallow and silly but it's evident that not everyone can wear Lanvin.. only the people with good taste. I've seen so many girls and women wearing those Lanvin x H&M dresses and they look nowhere near luxe and elegant as it's "supposed to be". If you know what I mean..

  2. Thanks Fleurette! A bag from Celine seems like something you can really grow with. Worth the investment. I will take a picture of the Claudie Pierlot dress. I can't find the navy version online.

    I don't know what I would do without the endless lists in my head. It feels good get to the point where you're happy with the warobe as it is. That's funny that you don't own any white T shirts or shirts. I don't either. I find those basics that you are suppose to own the hardest things to find. I wish I could design these items for myself sometimes.

    I am having a good time in Hong Kong. I need to start taking pictures of the food.

    I have strong feelings about the Lanvin x H&M collaboration. It was just such a bad idea. I don't feel like Lanvin looks right on everyone. I feel like those dresses will be haunting us all for years to come.

  3. Those bags are beautiful. I am mulling over a satchel, and maybe a pair of cropped jeans/ twill trousers. Am in no hurry though. It feels good to pause and appreciate what I have.
    I overdosed on high street collaborations some years back. I enjoy the odd piece of high street clothing - just bought a tee from jcrew which I love. But I don't like this collaboration business, it feels like a sham to me.

  4. Ammu- There is something really nice about pausing and appreciating what you have. There is something really nice about saving up for something special. It means more. That's the problem with high street clothing- it's all about instant gratification.

    J Crew makes great basics!

    These collaborations are making less and less sense. They just aren't organic.

  5. These collaborations destroy illusions for me. I was carrying my Mulberry Bayswater when I met a girl carrying a horrible version Mulberry did for target. It's one thing to carry a cheap, tacky knock-off, it's worse when it's got the company's stamp of approval!

    I love clothes that make you dream and agree with your comments about Céline and Dries. Sally Singer says it beautifully, of course.

  6. Fantastic! this post sums up everything that's great about celine. That sally singer quote is one of my favourites about phoebe philo and celine. it's all about the urgency - the feeling that you need it now.. some designers would give their left kidney to have a little bit of that urgency, that immediacy. the celine box bag is fantastic, but I feel that it's not for me, not yet. Not while I still have messy hair and leave my skirts unhemmed. I'll settle for my benah bag, it's a nice version that's a little bit more "hip" and young.

    hope you're loving hong kong - it's one of my favourite cities, i can't wait to go back in June. :)

  7. Lin- So much of fashion and aesthetics in general is about illusion. The Mulberry for Target collection was perplexing. Although the very early Target collaborations featured natural fabrics and well thought out design. I think clothing, like literature or art should make you dream.

    Hannah-Rose- There is just something very fresh and of the moment about Celine without being forced. It's refreshing... I know what you mean about the box bag- it does feel grown up and pulled together. Something to grow into:)

    I am enjoying Hong Kong. It's a great city.

    Carolina Dalit- I adore too!

  8. Totally agree with your comments about Phoebe, as well as Sally Singer's comments. Her style is so simple and tailored - how can you not want it? I hope you invest in the Celine bag!

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  10. Alice Olive- There is something extremely beautiful in simplicity. I appreciate simple and tailored more each day. All of the items on my list are currently sold out in Hong Kong, including the Celine bag. It should be here any day now.