May 1, 2011

Happy Spring

Via Starrshine
Last week was glorious. It FINALLY feels like Spring. A few days even felt like Summer. 

One of my favorite things about Spring is reaching for a lightweight trench coat. Whether paired with a sheath dress for work or a cocktail dress for evening outings, this is one item I wear constantly throughout the Spring. A trench coat always makes me feel poised and stylish. This week was finally warm enough to run out the door in a  trench coat. A trench is a quick way to look at once effortless, but pulled together. Being able to ditch the heavy coat and throw on a trench is always a joyous moment. My only requisite is that the waist must be cinched.

My Always Stylish Former Colleague Via L' Effort Moderne
Now that the days are warmer, I have turned my attention to my Spring wardrobe. I'm inspired to bring color into my wardrobe. Dove grey along with dusty blue, neutral shades of cream, blush and beige are colors that I will incorporate into my wardrobe. Although, I could live in my white and ivory silk shirts. There's something sculptural and clean about white paired with black that I gravitate toward. My silk shirts are quickly becoming a signature look. 

In spite of my busy schedule, I make it a point to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. The sun is mood improving. Last week I enjoyed catching up with friends and former colleagues over lunch al fresco. We all shared a good laugh over how stressful and intense the weeks leading up to my trip were. I'm a firm believer that laughter is contagious and a genuine smile the best accessory. Spring is made for meeting up with friends in Bryant Park; watching, cheering and maybe even squeezing in a Petanque game. 

Via Garance Dore
Spring is being able to sleep with the windows open. Don't you just sleep better with fresh air? Although, something tells me that I won't be able to sleep tonight. Met Season kicks off tomorrow with Met Ball and the opening of the Met Costume Institutes's exhibition "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty." After months of anticipation it's finally here. Something tells me this is going to be another good week. Demain. 

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  1. What lovely photos! It's a shame that spring seemed so short where I live. The weather is literally in the 70s-80s now so it feels a lot more like summer than spring. Of course, the fact that I have exams doesn't help with the spring feelings either! I love the trench you posted, and hope I can find a nice trench sometime in the future. I do wonder what kind of trench I'll wind up with since I like as few details on my coats as possible, and trenches can come with an assortment of buckles, pipings, and straps these days! But, I agree, there's nothing as chic as a woman in heels and a trench!

  2. Your life sounds fabulous - have a wonderful week!

  3. Yes, it's incredible and it's like everything inside us is waking up. And suddenly we feel the need for light, sweetness and simplicity. I love early spring.

    And I so love to open my windows too!! Ahhh on Sunday, when my whole house is full of light and fresh air it feels amazing, even cleaning up is nice! ;D

    I'm happy you're having a great spring!


    -The Red Dot-

  4. Love your friends bag! And your photo of the windows open!

  5. 0000- Thank you. I always feel like the weather turns from winter to the heat of summer really quickly. Spring is getting shorter and shorter, so I try to enjoy it. Good luck with your exams! Don't you feel like it's a never ending search sometimes for the perfect pieces? I LOVE the trench in the picture, the last trench I purchased had 3/4 sleeves too. You're in luck come fall if you love coats because there are going to be so many options.

    Ammu- I hope you have a lovely and productive week too. You're adorable:)

    Al- That's exactly it. There's a waking up of sorts. I like early Spring too- the minute Peonies appear I feel happy. Fresh air is the best. Oh yes, I always feel good after I do my Spring cleaning.

    Photodiarist- I love that bag. It reminds me of a bucket bag my mom had in the 70s. RE the open windows-- I need to get out and take some pictures. I really want to develop my photography skills this year. I'm planning an outing to Magnolia Grove at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to practice.

  6. I love sleeping with the window opened and surely I will do the same tonight although is raining havily and freezing.
    great photos!

  7. Yes, the weather has been perfect. I call it "jacket weather," not too cold, not too hot. It's a shame the season doesn't seem to last as long.

    I agree that a well-tailored trench can elevate the simplest outfit. I have a few, but they are mostly on the "novelty" side. I would love a classic Burberry trench - if I was the same size as my mother I would have stolen (er, "permanently borrowed") hers a long time ago!

  8. onlycoolcats- Thank you! Sleeping with the window open is the best. Trench coats and wellies make the rain better!

    koko // res pulchrae-I LOVE jacket weather, but it's fleeting. It flies by.

    There is nothing like a classic Burberrry trench- iconic and tailored.

    thelinesheet- Pétanque is so fun! Although I get a bit competitive (haha).