May 9, 2011

Model Moms

Via Cookie 

It should come as no surprise that my first sartorial memory involves my mother. For the first two years of my life I was an only child. My mother, father and I were a little team of three. We did everything together. I can't remember a time when I wasn't by their side. 

When it was announced that our little family of three was going to be a family of four, we spent the summer reading books in preparation for our trip to the hospital and my becoming a big sister. I was always a fast learner, so I caught on quick.  I was precocious. Of course my mother was coming right back home to our family. I would see my mother at the hospital.

Yet when it was time to go to the hospital I looked at the little bag by the door and was confused. I looked in my mother's closet and figured that she hadn't packed properly. Why wasn't my mother's clothing packed? I looked at my books for confirmation, but couldn't believe that my mother wouldn't pack her favorite garments.

So I packed. I took everything in three of my mother's drawers and was working on the fourth when I was caught. I packed all of the items that I would always look at and play with. I always loved putting together looks and getting dressed. It was unimaginable that my mother wouldn't bring her scarves, skirts, and blouses. Just imagine being in labor and your busy toddler has packed half your wardrobe in an overnight bag that is spilling onto the floor. In the midst of a harried race to the hospital, my mom explained that we would need to edit my selections down a bit. This story illustrates my mother's nature and her unwillingness to squash our little personalities. A true model mom if ever there was one.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers that make the world go round. Happy Mother's Day to the mothers to be and those who desperately long to be mothers. Happy Mother's Day to all the women who nurture, mentor and encourage someone each and every day. Most importantly, Happy Mother's Day to my own lovely mother who has taught me so much about taste, manners and style. 

PS- I featured Liya Kebede and Natalia Vodianova because they both run charities that are dedicated to the well being of mothers and children. If you have time read about the Liya Kebede Foundation and Naked Heart Foundation. These moms are beautiful inside and out. 

On a frivolous note, I regret that I didn't purchase Natalia's Stella McCartney sweater. Every time I see that sweater I regret that I hesitated and let it pass by. 


  1. Ahhh! I really loved reading this post :) You and your mom sound so cute!

  2. what a gem of a posting! ♥

  3. A beautiful post. Love that first image, too. Dimples!!

  4. G-Thank you. You are far too kind. We enjoy each others company greatly. I don't know if you can ever really celebrate/thank your mom enough.

    Tricia- Thank you! Thank you!

    Alice Olive- Thank you! I love those dimples too and that SMILE. You could just eat her up!

  5. Aww... Such a delightful post. You have such wonderful taste. I always love stopping by your blog.

  6. Ina- Bisous! What a heartwarming comment- thank you.