May 27, 2011

On Compliments

Via Miss Little Lime

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous" Coco Chanel

Needless to say this quote resonates with me. Personal style doesn't begin and end with clothing. It's much deeper than that. It's about poise. Inner grace. Comportment. MANNERS. When all of these things align perfectly it's effortless. 

I find it incredibly classy when people aren't afraid to compliment others. Who doesn't love a genuine compliment? A warm compliment can instantly brighten someones' day. Making someone feel good is infectious, you can't help but smile. It feels good to make someone stand a little taller or even better, notice something about themselves they haven't considered. If you haven't given someone a compliment today I highly recommend doing so.

A woman who can compliment others with ease has confidence, which is always inspiring. Being able to graciously accept a compliment is the true mark of class. It took me years to be able to accept a compliment without shrinking up, blushing and feeling really shy. I'm still a work in progress .

Speaking of compliments, how wonderful is K's shoe collection? This is a well edited shoe wardrobe that I find incredibly covetable. I would wear each and every pair. I'm especially partial to the Varinas. I'm reliant on my Ferragamo shoes for work. 


  1. Love this post and agree that people should not be afraid to compliment others :) Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog btw - it led me to yours, which I love! Your posts + content are all lovely, have added you on bloglovin' !

  2. Agree. Accepting a compliment with grace is a mark of elegance. And I love the shoes! What a cute shot!

  3. I love her shoe collection too, if only mine looked this coordinated and well-appointed.

    I'm not good with compliments when I receive them either...I usually reply on some stock response, but I'm always happy to tell someone I like her outfit, shoes, etc etc. I also find it to be a good ice-breaker on the right occasion.

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  5. Completely agree - compliments are lovely to give and receive. Part of the joy in getting older is learning how to accept a compliment graciously, without getting all awkward. And yes, that shoe collection is stunning. Love this blog's elegance, by the way. So well-edited!

  6. Katherine- Thanks Katherine. Yes, I'm finally on bloglovin' it's about time.

    Alice Olive- That's exactly it. Accepting a compliment with grace is so elegant. Aren't the shoes cute? I love the painting too. It's a great shot, which reminds me that I need to work on my photography.

    lin- K's show collection is perfect. It's so concise, but there is a shoe for every occasion.

    I think it takes time to be able to accept a compliment with grace. It isn't easy! I agree on the right occasion it can be a good ice breaker.

    Laura Siim Magnussen- Your right. I'm always fascinated by designers who understand this. When I see clothing on the runway, I also want to see a narrative and understand the girl who wears the clothes.

    Ammu-Indeed they are. I agree with you, it does seem to be part of the joy of getting older. Thank you for your lovely compliment on this blog and for coming back to visit.

  7. So refreshing. You're adorable. I love this blog.

  8. I love those asymmetric pumps! I know that Zara makes a pair, but do you know if someone else has made these? They look like the perfectly elegant shoe for a little black dress! I also agree about compliments. It takes a lot of wisdom to know that someone else's success doesn't detract from your own ability to be successful. It's so disheartening to see the 'mean girls' phenomenon among women--I usually find women spend more time criticizing other women than complimenting them. I think it takes true maturity to realize that, yes, girls you're both pretty!

  9. Emmi- Thank you. That's very sweet. Thanks for reading.

    0000-The asymmetric pumps are pretty perfect. They could work for a multitude of occasions. Sergio Rossi showed a pair like this at many of the runway shows, but for some reason they didn't go into production (my biggest pet peeve). So I'm looking for something similar too.

    You're so right- someone else's success doesn't detract from your own. I wish more women understood this. I mean honestly why are we fighting each other? Being able to compliment others truly is a sign of maturity.

  10. @ 0000
    The Zara asymmetric pumps are Stella McCartney knock-offs, so i guess you have to look there for the real deal :)

  11. Leenhilde- You're so right. They are the Stella McCartneys. The pointy toe is making a little comeback.