May 22, 2011

Little Navy Dress

Claudie Pierlot Robe Crêpe Marine Dress and Miu Miu Shoes

The sun finally came out (intermittently between rain showers) after a damp and rainy week. The nice weather was a lovely excuse to pull out one of my favorite Hong Kong purchases. I first wrote about this dress here.

My little navy dress has been an essential this spring. I hesitated before purchasing this dress because of the bold gold zipper. I was concerned that the gold hardware would be limiting since I don't like mixing metals when it comes to my jewelry and handbag. So far this dress has proven to be anything but limiting. The rounded neckline, puffed short sleeves and  flat pleating at the skirt exemplify the attention to detail that make this more than a simply little dress. Not to mention the deep navy color.

Dresses are the foundation of my wardrobe. This dress is versatile enough to wear to work (with a jacket), board meetings and evening cocktail parties. A dresses like this simplifies my morning routine. This is essential when I'm due at work even earlier in the morning during the summer. 

I have been slow to embrace posting personal style photos on the blog, but this dress is a fine example of the elegant and polished style that defines my wardrobe. 


  1. Lindsay, you look terribly chic and you ooze of elegance! I really love Claudie Pierlot's creations, and this dress is no exception! I'm partial to the subtle details in the front, such a contrast to the bold zippers (that are very flattering by the way).

    I'm glad you overcame your blog shyness, I really enjoyed this post and the photos ^_^

  2. This is definitely one dress worth showing off - not enough dresses are made in crepe! I find that material so versatile...elegant and rich enough for evening but still very wearable during the day.

  3. You look great, very elegant! I'd love to see more outfit photos!;)

  4. What an amazing dress. The detailing is very beautiful!

  5. It is a beautiful dress! I'm impressed with your impeccable style, elegance, and classiness. You're such a style inspiration!

  6. Oh, that's such a beautiful dress, you look amazing! Thanks for sharing a personal photo.

  7. Fleurette- Thank you! What a sweet compliment. I love Claudie Pierlot too. I just wish they had a bigger stocklist in NY. The subtle details in the front are my favorite part:) I haven't forgotten that i owe you an email! It's on the way, I promise!

    Lin- Thank you! You're so right about crepe. I like how it drapes over the body and flatters most silhouettes. A dress that can go from day to night is key. There was a period of time when I was keeping entirely to many clothes and shoes at the office because I never had time to change before heading to the next event.

    merel.brandsma- Thank you! I'm still working out whether to post outfit photos, so feedback on this issue is really helpful.

    J- Thank you. A few good dresses really pull a wardrobe together. I think I'm really drawn to great construction and detailing!

  8. My goodness, you look fantastic. As Fleurette put it, "terribly chic" :) That is a gorgeous dress, I love the zipper contrast with the feminine sleeves. And I like how you have paired it with the shoes. Stunning.

  9. Alicia- Thank you kindly. I feel humbled and a bit shy. You are very sweet.

    Garderoben- Thank you. You're far to kind.

  10. Gorgeous dress! I love the detailing at the top--it really makes the dress chic! Also, adore the color!

  11. You look wonderful!!

    I love simple and elegant dresses that have something more thanks to a little detail or the cut and this is the perfect example. The shape and cut are amazing.

    You look incredibly beautiful and chic, especially with those shoes (perfect match), and the colour suits you perfectly.

    And oh my, you're so beautiful!! You have really a great body *envy mode on* :D

    a kiss

    -The Red Dot-

  12. What an amazing dress. The color, cut and draping really suit you.

    I agree with Al- I am extremely envious of your body. You're so slim but have muscle definition. I would love any workout/exercise tips you have. Am I right to assume that you may have been a dancer. You're extremely lithe.

  13. Very chic look.I love the puffed sleeves which are just perfect for my narrow shoulders.

  14. I'm so jealous of that dress! and the length so classy & chic!

  15. A beautiful dress. Love its simplicity and cut. A true investment piece.

  16. Wow. You look just fabulous! You really know how to choose pieces that emphasizes your assets. The whole outfit is not really my style but it really really suits you and you pull it off with amazing grace.

    Love your blog!

  17. Ammu- Thank you. You are very sweet. I love the contrast too. It's great when you have something in your closet (these shoes) that goes perfectly with a new acquisition.

    Anonymous- Thank you. I fall for detailing like this every time.

    Al- Thank you. I gravitate to dresses like that too. It has to have a little something special. PS- No envy allowed:) Although I am envious of your artistic abilities:)

    EB- Thank you. I think it's about find the right colors and silhouettes that suit you. There's something for everyone. I will do a post about exercise because it's something that's important to me. Yes, I danced and did gymnastics for a really long time.

    onlycoolcats- Thank you! The puffed sleeves are really flattering for narrow shoulders;) I find myself relying on this more and more.

    Lauren- Thanks! Length is such an important factor. So many of the dresses in stores right now are just too short. Hope you're enjoying interning in NYC. I can't wait to hear about it.

    Alice Olive- Merci! There's something about simplicity and a good flattering cut.

    Wendy Wong- Thank you. I think it's all about choosing pieces that flatter you. I would love to hear more about your style. My preference for skirts and dresses came from years of frustration with find pants that fit in the waist and had a long enough inseam.