July 24, 2011

Heat Wave

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Heat wave doesn't come close to describing the intensity of this week's heat and humidity. The heat index in Central Park reached 113 degrees. It's hard to maintain a chic and professional appearance in such extreme heat. I rely on natural fabrics, light layers, easy pulled back hair and little makeup to keep cool. It also helps that I leave for work before temperatures soar and work in freezing cold air conditioning. 

I have always done better in heat than cold. I have had more than a few instances of hypothermia setting in, but no issues with heat. I didn't give the heat advisory a second thought when I headed out to an event I was hosting on the rooftop of Ink48. I quickly walked a few blocks up and over to the hotel. Upon arriving at the event I was preoccupied with greeting guests, making sure everyone had everything they could possibly need and educating people about the scholarship fund. After an hour and a half I knew it was time for water, but felt fine.

In a matter of minutes, I began to feel dizzy. I was in the middle of a wonderful conversation about education in the Mississippi Delta when I had to sit down. I started to feel nauseous and disorientated. The entire rooftop including the inside area looked pitch black. When I got up to grab a glass of water, I collapsed and fainted. Thanks to a fast acting doctor I was quickly diagnosed with HEAT EXHAUSTION and dangerously close to descending into HEATSTROKE. My core body temperature was 104 degrees. It was truly a scary experience.

I'm happy to say that I'm feeling better. I spent the weekend taking full advantage of my air conditioning, relaxing and sadly neglecting the blog a bit. Here's to happier summer thoughts:

Via Maya Villiger 

The fishtail braid is a relaxed and chic summer look. This lady looks fresh faced and crisp. Hot weather calls for letting your skin breathe. 

Via This is Glamorous
Cool, crisp, clothing from the always luxurious Celine.

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As a strict vegetarian I welcome the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables

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At long last there's an Amorino in New York City. I can't have ice cream or Gelato, but I'm always up for grabbing sorbet with friends. So good.


  1. Glad to read you're doing fine! A scary experience. Those gelatos and cherries look delicious.

  2. Thank God you are ok, Lindsay. Big hug.

  3. Prêt à Porter P- Thanks! Such a scary experience! Amorino is so good. The cherries were delicious too.

    Tricia- Thank you!

  4. How scary. I'm so glad you're OK! Living in a city where 113 degree days are almost normal we get it absolutely drilled into us that we must drink water, wear a hat, stay out of the sun etc. Make sure you look after yourself missy :)

    On another note I am waiting for my hair to be long enough to attempt a fishtail braid. Should just get there by our summertime... fingers crossed!

  5. cherries and gelato love this post!! ON NOM NOM :)

  6. Oh, no--sorry to hear about the passing out and glad to hear you're okay. The cherries and sorbet look delicious (and I'm usually a mint chocolate chip gelato fan!).

  7. OMG, it's so scary! Good to hear you're better!
    Those cherries look so delicious! As there are dog/ cat persons, I think there are also strawberry/ cherry persons. I'm definitely a cherry person!

  8. I'm glad to hear you're OK! There's no chance of catching a heat stroke in Norway - I wear the same clothes from April to October pretty much - but I do handle heat very badly when I travel to warmer countries.

    Also, I need to practice my fishtail-braiding skills.. :)

  9. Oh Lindsay that sounds terrible and I'm so glad that you are recovering and staying cool. I remember living in New York and the intense city heat and humidity during the summer months. Most buildings are made to insult heat but not to dissipate it, which ends up trapping the heat inside. It made sense before the idea of global warming came to the forefront but now builders will really have to think about the materials and structure of a resident in terms of extreme weather patterns.

    Remember amongst all the sweet treats to keep your sodium levels up so your body absorbs the water!

    Love the photo of the lady with the braid. Au naturel is the way to go amongst the sticky heat.

    An Celine, oh how I wish I can buy their collection on-line. But it's also relieving that I can't. It's nice to know that certain things are exclusive for in store purchase.

  10. thanks for another lovely post. I hope you had an amazing weekend. Would love if you'd check out my latest post featuring pictures from my favorite little treat shop in Beverly Hills. Thanks love. xoxo


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  11. How awful! I totally feel your pain - 113 degrees is pretty much a daily affair in Delhi during the summer. I hope you got some rest over the weekend.
    Those sandals are gorgeous! And fresh fruits (and lemonade) make my summer :) And Pimms, if I am in London.

  12. Great pics :) Thanks for visiting! Want to follow each other?

  13. Heatstroke is awful, isn't it? It's good it was caught in time. Lovely elegant K Jacques sandals, as well!

  14. Because you like fruit, sorbet, and because you're a vegetarian, saw this recipe and thought you might like it: http://365scoops.com/2011/07/25/rasperine-popsicles-raspberry-nectarine-pops/

  15. lucky there was a doctor on hand. glad that you are ok. i love cherries in summertime! been eating them by the bowl-fuls! :)

  16. That's awful! That heat was so fast-acting last week. So glad you were around other people when this happened so you were okay.

    You remind me to keep up the water.

    Here's to a less extreme week...

  17. La Fille mal Gardée- It was scary. Thank you for the warm wishes. I have always considered myself to be fairly strong, but that sort of heat is no joke. Staying hydrated and out of the sun is so important. After that situation I must say that I'm carrying a big bottle of water with me everywhere. I don't know how you do it on a near daily basis. It's OK provided you stay in air conditioning, but the subway platform and un-air-conditioned subway cars are the worst.

    I adore short hair, but the fishtail braid is so charming.

    Lisa- Thanks! Cherries and something cold are always so good.

    questforfashionsense- Thank you for the warm wishes. Craziness. The cherries and sorbet were so delicious. It's what summer is all about. Thank you for the link to the recipe. I can't wait to try it.

    Ginta- Thank you. Oh gosh, I'm not sure I could choose between strawberries and cherries. I love them both.

    Maja Piraja- Thank you. There's something nice about not having such extremes. Our winter was filled with never ending snow and cold and now the summer is sweltering and humid.

    Yes, practice makes purpose!

    Agnes Comme Fellini- Thank you. That's exactly it. Our buildings are built with materials that hold heat. The very materials that keep us insulated in the winter leave us sweltering come summer. This time of year is the perfect time to get away from the city.

    Thank you for the tip about sodium- that's so important for keeping the electrolytes balanced, which I suspect was part of the problem.

    I love that photo too. She just looks so crisp. When it gets that warm you just want to concentrate on keeping your skin clear.

    There is something refreshing about having to go to the store. Not to mention the fact that it would be too easy to go CRAZY! My hotel in HK was dangerously close (steps away) to the Celine store and it took serious self restraint even for a pragmatic shopper.

    Fash Boulevard- Thank you. I will definitely take a look at your post. I love hearing about new boutiques and shops.

    Ammu- It was very awful. I can only imagine what Delhi is like in the summer. Surprisingly when the temperature cooled down to 100 degrees yesterday you could really feel the difference. It felt refreshing.

    I really like the sandals. I don't usually do metallics, so that's new for me. Perfect for showing off a fresh pedicure.

    Fresh fruits are one of the best things about summer.

    Martina- Thank you!

    AJ- It is awful and it was good that it was caught in time. I'm loving the sandals- I don't get to wear them that often, but they are elegant for a sandal.

    Suzie Wuzie- Thanks! You are so right. It's hard to stop eating the cherries once you start!

    Alice Olive- Thanks. It was fast acting heat. It's a great reminder to drink water.

    I'm looking forward to a cooler week.

  18. Love those K-Jacques :)
    Such French style!
    And i love Amorino's ice-cream, especialy yogourt ;)

  19. SO glad you are ok now! I have fainted a few times because of the heat, it is very scary but it is good that you usually work with air conditioning! I adore fish tail braids but my hair isn't long enough sadly... wish it would grow faster :)

    Love, Vanilla


  20. Camille S.- I love the K Jacques. I get excited for the weekend to arrive, so I can break them out.

    Amorino is so good. I think a container of the sorbet can be packed up to go!

    Vanilla - notes from my closet- Thank you. I'm sorry to hear that you have experienced this too. It's the worst. As cold as I get in air conditioning I'm thankful to have it.

    The fishtail braid is excellent hair inspiration.

  21. That sounds so scary! I've taken to always having a water bottle at hand to combat this terrible heat wave and have sworn off iced coffee (even though there are times where I slip up since I always forget that coffee is more dehydrating than nourishing). Hope you're faring better this week!

    And I don't know how some people end up looking gorgeous despite the weather. I remember trudging along in the snow, runny nose and all, and seeing this lady casually strolling by in her long camel coat, looking glorious. It was at that moment that I wanted a camel winter coat and realized that extreme cold nor heat would ever be my friend.

  22. ess elsie.- I cannot overstate how scary it was. I don't drink coffee, but I love a diet pepsi. Talk about dehydrating:(

    People in NYC know how to do it up despite the elements. I must say for better or worse I fall into that category. I don't let the weather stop me from looking chic. I don't take it to ridiculous extremes, but I try my best.

    PS- Camel winter coats are so pretty.

  23. Poor you! Lots of ice cream and sorbet needed.

  24. Chuck-That's exactly how I have been justifying my sorbet eating;)

  25. i'm living on cherries right now!

  26. I'm so glad you're feeling better! What a frightening experience!

  27. Vanessa- Thank you for stopping by. Fresh fruit is one of the absolute best things about summer.

  28. 0000- Thank you!Frightening is right!

  29. Glad to hear you're doing okay! The heat really has been terrible. One weekend, tired of waking up super-early to beat the heat for my morning run, I went running in the afternoon instead. Since I am not conditioned for running in extreme heat (note to self: I'm no Ironwoman!), I woke up the next morning with severe muscle cramps in both my legs and couldn't move. I was also probably dehydrated. I can't wait for winter, this summer has been rough on me!

  30. koko // res pulchrae- Thank you! The heat was terrible. You know it's really bad when 100 degrees feels cool. I'm sorry about your leg cramps- they're the worst feeling ever. I get them from not having enough potassium in my diet, but nothing like not being able to move. That sounds horrible.

  31. Lio- Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.