July 20, 2011

The One That Almost Got Away

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Miu Miu dress, Chanel necklace, Miu Miu shoes
At the end of this little outing we found ourselves at Bergdorfs. After leaving Lincoln Center we strolled around, but ultimately ended up here. My feet always scurry to the same familiar places. There's something about a well curated department store that gets me every time. A holiday weekend and an empty city provided the perfect browsing opportunity. 

As I browsed the racks, I instantly spotted this little dress. As much as I deliberate over purchases, I always know fairly quickly if I like an item. It's a matter of looking at the way a garment is constructed, the fit and feel of the fabric. This dress is exquisitely well tailored and nipped at the waist, which is a flattering silhouette for me. Cotton poplin is the perfect fabric to battle the intense New York heat and humidity. Not to mention the gorgeous navy color. I'm always on the lookout for dresses, because they can easily transition from a long workday (with a jacket of course), to a board meeting or after work event.  

Until recently, Miu Miu has always seemed to lurk in Prada's shadow, but over the past few seasons it has really come into its own. At long last, the brand has a unique identity. I tried on this dress and it fit perfectly, with the exception of a tiny alteration that needs to be made to the shoulders. The gentleman instantly exclaimed "you should buy that dress." The sales consultant conquered. The Summer sales were in full swing, but sale or no sale, this dress was perfection. 

I knew they were right. Yet, for a very ridiculous reason I left the dress (the very last one in the entire store) behind, knowing I would regret not purchasing it. Sure enough, I got home and knew I had to go back. It happens to the best of us. Further complicating the situation was the store's closure for the 4th of July holiday. So the next day, I made a point of heading to Bergdorfs during lunch and prowled around the third floor. Just when I was ready to throw in the towel, I spotted the dress. Sold. 

Do you have a favorite purchase from the Summer sales?


  1. What a lovely dress, it fits you beautifully. Navy is one of my favourite colours.
    My favourite purchase from the sales is a skirt from Carven - I had been eyeing it all spring and seeing it on you here pushed me to get it. that, and the fact that the Delhi summer has finally begun to taper off. I can hardly wait for winter to get more wear out of it!
    I am also excited about two pairs of trousers that a talented friend is designing for me - in navy cotton with fuchsia silk cuffs, and in olive cotton with grey silk cuffs. After this indulgent bespoke buy, I am swearing off any shopping until fall sets in!

  2. That dress is beautiful on you, it's also a lovely backdrop for your magical ;) Chanel necklace. I'm expecting to receive a sale purchase to arrive today. Even though it wasn't specifically on my list, I knew I would have "not buyers" remorse if I didn't go for it at half off. Other than that I did well at Zara's sale finding a purple shirt tunic to replace one that I ruined and black pants (as soon as I get them taken to the tailor).

  3. It looks beautiful on you!
    I haven't had much luck during the sales. However, I did buy a nice striped A.P.C. tee and my favourite pair of jeans on sale!;) Oh, and leaving a perfect item behind and regret it later, happens to me all the time, haha!

  4. Very pretty and flattering.

    About 10 years ago during Nordstrom's summer sale, I spotted a black lambskin motorcycle-style jacket with french cuffs and a detachable sheared beaver collar. Looked gorgeous. Balked at the price (even on sale). Obsessed about it. Went back a few days later. Couldn't find it, couldn't find it, couldn't find it .... I was just about to leave the store, heartbroken, when my husband spotted it on a distant sales rack. It'd been marked down even further. The rest is, as they say, history. It's one of my favorite wardrobe items, and really goes to show you that if you buy the best quality you can afford and take care of it, it'll last you forever.

  5. That dress looks absolutely stunning on you. "Not buyers remorse" (what a great term!) is the worst, so I love that you still managed to find it :)

  6. Lovely dress - and the necklace, the necklace!

  7. gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous!

  8. You look wonderful - the dress is everything your style seems to be about - feminine and strong and yet understated. I say a good navy item is almost always worth holding on to - I find it quite hard to find nice things in navy.

    I didn't buy anything in the summer sales, quite amazed that I held out, though I'm mulling over a new pair of flat sandals. I had one of these "the one that almost got away" stories the year before, put down a YSL bag that was nearly 70% off to think about and returned a couple days later find it gone! And then hours later was spotted by the sales girl who ran up to tell me that she found a last one in the store room. And it's one of my best buys ever.

  9. This dress proves that simple (from the first glance) things are the most beautiful! I couldn't agree more about the fit - it's perfect! I haven't followed your blog for long but I think this is dress is so you! And that necklace - it's so amazing!

  10. That story proves that it was just meant to be. When everything points to losing out on a perfect piece and you somehow end up taking it home anyway, that's the universe saying "it was written," haha. I tend to do the same thing as you I see a piece I like and even though I'm 100% sure it's perfect I usually put it back or on hold on special occasions because if I go back it tells me that I really want something. I rarely ever swoon over pieces. It's more like seeing something and immediately thinking: "Of course. That piece is obviously supposed to be my wardrobe."

    I'd say my favorite piece from the summer sales is a tie between a jacket I purchased a couple weeks ago and a silk button down I just purchased. I love them both but as a college student there's no way I would have purchased them full price (or anywhere near it).

    Also, you're spot on about Miu Miu. It's gone from being the Kelly to Prada's Barbie to standing as a brand with it's own fan base and personality.

  11. Gorgeous dress! It fits you perfectly!

    To be honest, I haven't done any summer sale shopping--ever. I usually don't buy things during summer, because that's the season when I lay around the house and watch all 6 seasons of Supernatural in one sitting. I also live at locations that are very far removed from good stores. A Nordstrom or Bergdorf (yes, even Zaras, H&Ms, and J. Crews) are fair drives away so I don't often have the opportunity to browse the racks!

  12. lovely dress. it fits you perfectly.

  13. Ammu- Thank you! It was crazy to even think about passing it up!

    I’m so glad that you like the Carven skirt. It’s such a great piece and it does make me excited for Fall/Winter. I owe you an email.

    Your trousers sound beautiful. The cuff detail and the color combinations sound beautiful. Not to mention the fact that they will fit perfectly. Such an indulgent purchase that you’ll cherish.

    Prêt à Porter P- Thank you! You’re so right- it’ a great neckline and background for my necklace.

    How exciting about your sale purchase! I always have a list in mind, but you’re right sometimes you see items that you know are right.

    It seems like a lot of people have done well at the Zara sale. I haven’t been in, but at every turn I hear women saying ‘oh I got this at the Zara sale.’ The black trousers are a great find!

    Heart in a Cage- Thank you!

    A striped tee and your favorite jeans are very practical sale items. Nice work scooping them up.
    So funny about leaving items behind.

    LuxeBytes- A black lambskin motorcycle style jacket is such a great investment item. It’s so timeless! I LOVE that your husband spotted the jacket. Gentleman can be very helpful when it comes to shopping.

    When you go home and still think about an item that is a good sign that it’s something you truly want.

    It’s such a testament to the quality that the jacket has held up. I couldn’t agree more that if you buy the best quality and take care of your garments they will last. I think a lot of people are wary to buy expensive items or feel that items need to be rotated constantly because they feel that they won’t hold up, but it really is about the quality and the way things are cared for.

    It’s a testament to your style that you jacket is still one of your favorite items!

    Maja Piraja- Thank you. I was so happy that I managed to find it.

    AJ- Thanks! I’m still so in love with the necklace and like to keep the rest of the outfit simple to really let it shine.

    Tricia- Thank you! I said I would find that dress and I found it!

    Lin- Thank you! Yes, this dress is everything that my style is about. I think the right shade of navy can be hard to find. Sometimes the color doesn’t look as vibrant as it should.

    Flat sandals could be a very practical sale purchase. Bags are such wonderful items to pick up at a sale. You get so much use out of them.

    Your YSL bag is perfect. Such an excellent purchase.

    Ginta- I agree with you. There’s something really beautiful about simplicity.

    I think fit is the most important things. Alterations go a long way, but if this dress didn’t fit at the waist it would have been a tricky alteration.

    I agree this dress is very me. It’s interesting that people can see that just from reading my blog.

    Austere- That’s my reasoning as well. If it’s meant to be it will be.

    I wish I could have put the item on hold, but BG doesn’t let you do that if an item is on sale. I think it’s so important to be cognizant when you shop and only buy items that you will enjoy and use.

    A jacket is such a year-round useful purchase. I’m in love with silk shirts and can’t wait until it cools down and I can start wearing them again.

    It’s really interesting about Miu Miu. I like that it’s no longer in Prada’s shadow.

    0000- Thank you!

    Very interesting that you don’t do summer sale shopping. It’s all about lifestyle.

    Interestingly enough my other summer sale purchase was a skirt that’s more suited for Fall and Winter.

    It’s interesting to live in an area far removed from good stores.

    Suzie Wuzie- Thank you.

  14. I am SO glad that the dress was still there when you went back! It just looks amazing on you! Your blog is definitely becoming one of my favourites! You are SO chic! :) I hope you have a great weekend :)

    Love, Vanilla


  15. What a great dress and looks exceptional on you. I usually don't indulge in end of season sales but this season I did a little too much. I must admit there are two buyers remorse pieces. Now I know why I stayed away from sales in the first place!

    I finally made a new post after a long hiatus. Would love to hear your thoughts when you have a chance.

  16. Vanilla - notes from my closet- It just goes to show that it's worth it to wait to find those items that work best on you.

    Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog. I'm so glad you are enjoying it! I hope you are having a good weekend too!

    agnes comme fellini- Thank you! I think it's all about staying true to your aesthetic. I never purchase anything on sale that I wouldn't happily purchase at full price. Buyers remorse happens. It's more important to understand why the items don't work.

    I can't wait to read your new post. I have been stalking your blog for a new post!

  17. So happy the dress was still there. Although I'm not surprised. Few could wear it as well as you.

  18. Anonymous- Thank you! There's a dress out there like this for everyone.

  19. It's just perfect, it was meant for you. I don't have such a great summer sale purchase, but I'm glad I found the Opening ceremony sandals.

  20. Garderoben-Thank you. I feel that way too. Every once and a while you come across the perfect garment for you. Your Opening Ceremony sandals are perfect!

  21. love the dress

  22. .:mo:.- Thank you. Everytime I wear this dress I love it a bit more.