August 27, 2011

Modern Elegance

Behnaz Sarafpour Blouse and Skirt, Miu Miu Shoes, Tiffany & Co. Hand Engraved Bracelet 

One of my favorite aspects of New York City is the unparalleled access to designers. I always enjoy visiting designer studios and showrooms. When I received the invite to the Behnaz Sarafpour Press, Friends and Family Event I couldn't pass it up. I'm fond of many large fashion houses, but there is something refreshing about a designer making beautiful clothing independently. I fell in love with Behnaz Sarafpour when she was working for Isaac Mizrahi.

Elegant feminine silhouettes are essential to the Behnaz Sarafpour aesthetic. There's a sophisticated uptown elegance that is very much in line with my style. Not to mention the use of luxurious fabrics. Gorgeous fabrics will always win me over. When I saw this blouse and skirt I was instantly charmed. The blouse is an exquisite silk, but the details make it unique. The collar's rosettes, black silk buttons and open sleeves are the types of details I'm constantly in search of. The skirt's deep front pleat and beautiful structure ensure that it will quickly become a wardrobe staple. 

I usually don't wear one designer from head to toe, but these two items compliment each other so well. Not only was I able to shop the Fall 2011 collection with assistance from the designer's seamstresses, but they even provided alterations. These women have such a love for craftsmanship. Although my favorite  part of the shopping experience was stealing a peak at the wonderful fabrics for Spring/Summer 2012.


  1. That skirt is gorgeous - is it taffeta? I love how integrated your wardrobe is, so stylish. The shoes go so well with the skirt and blouse.
    Access to designers and craftsmen is one of my favourite aspects of living in India. Once you introduce bespoke items into your wardrobe it's very hard to go back to off the rack ;)

  2. Her collection doesn't get much hype nowadays compared to all the new hot NYC designers but that doesn't mean her designs are anything less lovely. Gorgeous outfit here.

  3. Ammu- Thank you! I think integrated is the perfect word. I love how the shoes look with the blouse and skirt too.

    Behnaz uses a lot of innovative and sustainable materials. It's a blend of materials. It looks like taffeta to the eye, but the material is really heavy and reinforced- almost like a broadcloth and then the lining is silk, which I always love.

    I was catching up on Fashion Week in India. So many innovative designers and craftsmanship. You are so lucky to have access to that. It's really energizing to have it right at your fingertips. I so agree with you about bespoke items. There's nothing more luxurious.

    Joy- Thank you! I'm not one to feed into the hype, but my friends and I have often pondered this. Her collection turned ten this year, but I remember when she was getting the hype that the new young designers are getting now.

    I love that she's never compromised on tailoring or materials to be more commercial. It's a small niche line, but I agree with you- it's lovely. I also really love that she's taken risks in her career, like being the first designer to collaborate with Target before collaborations and partnerships were the norm.


  4. I have not really looked att his designer's pieces before, but, wow. This look in sensational.

    I found your blog on Dead Fleurette and really like your content. I think that your style is close to what I envision mine to be in the near future.

    I just started doing something a bit rigid with my wardrobe and would love your opinion and advise on it. I desperately want a beautiful, but functional and well-adjusted wardrobe. I'm a bit of a nomad, by nature and by need. But I'm a young professional nomad working in an office directly under the command of some high-profile professionals. I also go on assignments from work to work with the public.

    This Reformation matters because I'm a such clothes hoarder and my wardrobe has gotten way too big. This wardrobe needs to be down to a 10th of what it is before I have to move again, which will be with a roommate in the next city where I will be working.


    -La Copine


  5. Mari- Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    I love her things. Her line is all about taking very classic items like a well fitted trench, LBD, a great pair of black trousers and making them feel modern, but still really elegant.

    You address such an important aspect to building a wardrobe. Your wardrobe has to work for your lifestyle. I shop with the idea that I need items that work for my professional life. I never know when I'll be called into a meeting with a VIP or an after work event will crop up. My wardrobe has to suit those needs. It seems like you have similar needs when it comes to building a wardrobe.

    I like the idea of being a bit of a nomad. That being said, it makes it necessary to evaluate what you buy. I will definitely take a look at what you have done so far. I can't wait to see the closet evolution.

  6. Beautiful finds. The blouse looks so luxurious. I enjoy how well curated your wardrobe is. I also enjoy how knowledgeable you are- it's a fresh point of view. You have the "high fashion" items, items that were made for you, garments from very of the minute designers and the well made basic all mixed to perfection. Now I only have one question- Do you dress the gentleman too?

  7. Anonymous- Yes, the blouse is very luxurious and soft. Thank you for your sweet compliments. I think it's important for a wardrobe to have a bit of everything you mentioned.

    I don't dress the gentleman (smile). He has great style and puts things together very well on his own. I will always give my opinion;)

  8. Very sophisticated. I like that you aren't afraid to wear something unique.

  9. This whole outfit is very sophisticated and elegant! I wish I followed designer brands more often, but I love vintage way too much. I am in LOVE with that blouse :)

  10. Clara- Thank you. I think it's important not to be afraid to look different. Life's too short not to wear what makes you feel most comfortable.

    Jada- You're very sweet- thank you.

    Vintage is wonderful. Madame Gres and department store exclusive garments (from when department stores would travel to all the Paris shows and essentially license an exclusive collection) are my favorites. Along with vintage bags (coach!) that are just so durable. I like that a love of vintage forces you to curate and slow the over-consumption.

  11. I absolutely love Behnaz Sarafpour. These are great pieces that will still look great in ten years.

    Also, it is great that you mentioned that you like to buy clothes from the "smaller" names. Sometimes I think - Well, if a company is paying millions a year to advertise in the big glossies, then that cost is also included in the clothing. It's necessary of course...but still the thought kind of disgusts me.

    In any case, great post!

  12. the line sheet- You are right. Her pieces always have longevity. They're timeless and appeal to women at various stages.

    I think sometimes we all forget that at the end of the day, fashion is a big business. It's nice to see small designers who have an authenticity that can be lost when you have to design with the restraints of a house's legacy.

    Some of my favorite designers do very little advertisment and no social media.

  13. So lovely! Elegant and ladylike without being fussy. I really like the black buttons that go down the back of the blouse.

  14. Rachel- Thank you. It's hard to strike the perfect balance between elegant but not fussy or frou frou. I love the buttons in the back too:)

  15. This outfit is very beautiful, stylish and ellegant! Love it <3
    The blouse is so my favorite :)

  16. TheMadTwins- Thank you. You are far to kind:)

    PS- Your blog is enchanting;)

  17. You are so chic Lindsay! This blouse is really gorgeous and look very good on you :)

  18. Camille S.- Aww... You're too sweet. It's a different piece, but I just love it.

  19. The blouse details look really nice and delicate.

  20. María- Thank you! It is really delicate and soft to wear. Such a treat, every time I put it on.