October 24, 2011

Little Happy List #3

Via This is Glamorous

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and the work week begins. I had the perfect autumn weekend. The weekend was filled with crisp early morning walks, a trip to the Daphne Guinness exhibit, putting the finishing touches on two upcoming benefits and a luxurious brunch. This fall has been a flurry of activity, so it's always nice to spend a little time unwinding. In honor of all things autumn, it's time for another happy list. Here's to happiness. 

1) Hermès orange
Via This is Glamorous
The leaves have yet to fully change, but I'm loving the little pops of Hermès orange turning up everywhere. I can't be the only person who finds those orange boxes worth displaying.

2) Champagne toasts

Via From Me to You
The perfect evening toasting a friend's recent and very chic wedding. There's nothing like a nice evening with friends. This boîte is sure to become one of my favorite after work spots.

3) Bow Tie Tutorial

Via Mr. Porter
A November filled with black tie events means it's time to brush up on my bow tying skills for the gentleman. This step by step guide is excellent. 

4) Grey Cashmere Knits

Courtesy of The Coveteur

I've been living in my favorite gray O neck lightweight cashmere sweater. It's been a bit warm for knits, but I'm looking forward to wearing them this fall. 


My birthday is this week and I'm thinking birthday macaroons from Ladurée in lieu of  cupcakes. Macaroons are always the perfect amount of sweet.

What's making you terribly happy?


  1. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! :) I am looking forward to wrapping up in knitwear too this season. Autumn is finally here in the north of England, yay! :)

    Love, Vanilla


  2. Happy birthday to you!

  3. Vanilla - notes from my closet- Thank you! Knitwear is one of the best things about having seasons if you ask me. Although it's been such a warm Autumn here.

    LuxeBytes- Thank you!!!

  4. Happy early Birthday, Lindsay! ♥

    My happy list includes reading your blog, drinking a pint of Guinness with my husband, wearing jeans & a tank top, Starbucks coffee, eating raw cookie dough & watching reality TV!!! hehe

  5. Tricia- Thanks!!! I love that you included this little blog on your happy list. And your HUSBAND. So cute!

    PS- The little things like Starbucks make everything better.

  6. I just found myself some new inspiration pictures :) Happy birthday to you, I wish you all the best!

    I'm joining in on the happy list!

    1. Baking - it has a therapeutic effect on me; just made my first macaroons ever, they were surprisingly popular for a first attempt.

    2. Classic Victorian novels - I've been feeling a bit girly :)

    3. Sitting at my study desk with a scented candle burning in the room while the rain drops tap against the window.

    4. My Benetton woolen sweater - I've heard people quite dislike the brand because of its controversial ads, I don't have much knowledge on that to be honest. There's just something about their woolen clothing that annoyingly gets me every time.

  7. Happy Birthday! i love champagne toasts particularly when there's nothing to celebrate, sounds daft, but its just fun. my happy list includes that feeling when you realise the book you're reading is cant-leave-the-house-until-youre-done good, and discovering a fantastic new food joint.

  8. Happy early birthday! You should celebrate all week long. :)

    Seeing your list makes me want to wrap myself up in gray cashmere, eat macaroons and drink champagne. all at the same time.

    My happiness currently: chocolate chai lattes, thick, campy cotton socks to wear around the room at night, the clean smell of mint and rosemary, wearing heels and feeling tall

  9. Florina- Inspiration images are the best. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

    I love your happy list. I’m impressed by your macaroon making skills. They’re tricky. Scented candles are lovely. Woolen sweaters and a good read sound perfect:)

    Son- Thank you! Yes, there’s something fun about a toast to nothing. There’s nothing like a good book you can’t put down.

    Felicia- Thank you! Yes, through no fault of my own it’s looking like we’re having a few celebrations all week long:)

    I love thick cotton socks (I have such issues with staying warm) and the fresh clean smells of mint and rosemary. Love wearing heels too!

  10. Happy birthday!
    Top of my happy list is travel - I just returned from an assignment in eastern India. Exhausted and happy.

  11. Ammu- Thank you. I feel like you have a birthday coming up soon too, right?!

    Travel is the best. It's always nice to get away from the day to day. So enlightening but also exhausting.

  12. Yes I do - the 11th :)
    Today in Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. Happy Diwali to you and all your readers :)

  13. Ammu- I knew it!!!

    Happy Diwali to you as well. I always love looking at the colored lanterns- so pretty.

  14. I love all the different things you've mentioned in this post. They're some of my favorite things in life. Besides who can resist the orange Hermes boxes or Laduree macarons (which I'd gorged like a pig when I was in Paris recently).

  15. Chocolate, Cookies & Candies- Thank you! When I was writing this I thought the same thing. These are some of my favorite things in life too.

    I believe in saving Hermes boxes- they add a bit of charm to a room. When your in Paris you have to gorge yourself with macaroons:) Hope you had a wonderful time in Paris.

  16. I love the same things that you! I keep the Hermes box of my 'Skipper' on my desk, and my mother also keep all the Hermes boxes of her carrés, watch, jewelry..
    And you use my picture of Ladurée macarons! I love them so much!

    (The Blow tie tutorial is now my wallpaper on my Macbook and my Blackberry ;) )

  17. Camille S.- That's too cute that we love the same things:) I love keeping the Hermes boxes. Apparently interior designers hoard the boxes to decorate clients homes.

    Yes, you had the best picture of Ladurée macaroons by far, so I had to steal it with love:)

    I love that you have the bow tie tutorial as your wallpaper. It really works too.