October 8, 2011

Looking Forward

Courtesy of Vogue.com

Carven jumper, Balenciaga trousers, Celine Sandals, Hermès Kelly Bag

This look on Lauren Santo Domingo embodies my idea of the perfect fall outfit. I have long known that the Vogue Contributing Editor and I share a love of Proenza Schouler and impeccably tailored made to measure men's shirts from Ying Tai, but this look stole my heart.  At once Lauren looks polished and effortless. This is the type of look I would wear on a casual Friday at the office or to run errands; if only the weather would cooperate. At the moment, summer has returned leaving me reaching for airy fabrics. 

What instantly caught my eye was the mustard hued Carven knit. For years, a dear friend and former co-worker has repeatedly told me how beautiful mustard would look on my skin tone. Mustard is a gorgeous color, but until recently I haven't felt compelled to bring it into my wardrobe. Mustard takes confidence to pull off, but little by little it has grown on me. 

Courtesy of Vogue.com
A tailored pair of cropped trousers is a great way to transition into fall. The sliver of ankle is so feminine. Bearing a bit of ankle is graceful and adds instant insouciance to any outfit. I'm still living in my cropped trousers. I like that the trousers here are paired with a clean shoe. After seeing such over the top footwear during Fashion Week, it's nice to see a simple, straightforward shoe. The Hermès Kelly polishes off the look. I'm quite fond of structured, ladylike bags that are timeless. It's refreshing to see a look that's paired down and (dare I say it) wearable. 

PS- Has anyone used Lauren Santo Domingo's Moda Operandi? It's the first online luxury fashion retailer to allow members to pre-order full priced designer clothing straight off the runway. I have yet to see any of the items I've fallen in love with available on the site, but the idea fascinates me. I've said it before, but I always end up falling for items that never make their way into stores or are altered from the way they were originally shown on the runway. Moda Operandi is attempting to do away with this. 

I also love that Moda Operandi partnered with Vogue.com to offer a small selection of items for immediate delivery. Burberry had tremendous success when they offered items for immediate purchase after their Spring/Summer 2011 show. It's quite the adjustment to have designers coming up with pricing at the time of the show and getting feedback on designs in a timely manner. It's all part of the changing business of fashion.


  1. This outfit was my favourite in the LSD series on Vogue.com - so simple and classy. Each element is perfect. I think mustard would look amazing on you. I don't wear a ton of it, but have a lovely mustard By Malene Birger top which is perfect for summer. And these days I can't put down my Belen Echandia bucket bag in a gorgeous pearlized mustard leather. It's nice to wear bright shades every once in a while, to work with my mostly navy-grey palette.

    I haven't used Moda Operandi but I expect it will be very successful. There's obviously a market for it. That said, I quite enjoy the process of deliberation before making any decision. There is such a magic to a good runway show - I just went to one by a friend in Delhi last night - and I like having the extra time to think about whether an item that looks so amazing under the lights will work in my wardrobe.

  2. Ammu- It was my favorite outfit too. So simply and classy.

    I like that you've added a few mustard pieces to your wardrobe. The Belen Echandia bucket bags in the pearlized leather are beautiful. Bright shades are a nice way to brighten up a basic palette.

    There's such a market for something like Moda Operandi. It could be such an asset for women who have trouble finding the items they love on the runway in their size. There's such magic and excitement to a good runway show. How fun that you got to attend your friend's show! I do find that a little distance between the shows helps in the evaluation process.

  3. I instantly recognized this look even though I only saw the picture from head on. I love the little slits in the sweater she is wearing too,her style is what i aspire to be when I am older!


  4. The show was so fun - and a real step forward for her, so it felt good to be there. Are you on Facebook? I can share some pictures with you if you are.

  5. Alice (VESTIGIAL WINGS)- It’s such a recognizable look, even though it’s so simple. The slits in the sweater are perfect. They’re an interesting detail that’s so flattering.

    What a great style inspiration. She always looks pulled together and like herself.

    Ammu- I’m glad you had a fun time at the show. That’s a fun way to spend the weekend and such an accomplishment for a designer. I would love to see pictures, but I’m not on FB.

  6. I liked this outfit too, even though I wouldn't wear it - I liked that it looks remarkably classic but it has these little twists that engage the eye.

    I liked a Phillip Lim so much that I looked it up on Moda Operandi but it wasn't one of the items offered. I think if someone like me who's pretty far from the rarified circles that order clothes off the runway actually considers using their services, they're surely onto something.

  7. The pure simplicity of this outfit combined with its immaculate quality and attention to detail is what really sells it for me. I wish I could say I were of the persuasion to wear mustard/yellow, but for some reason it's one of those colors I love on others but not myself. I really do hope you warm up to mustard and show us the results!

  8. lin- I'm all about those little details that add a bit of visual interest to an outfit. I firmly believe that classic doesn't have to be boring.

    I looked at Phillip Lim on Moda Operandi too. The items I loved weren't offered, but I can see the potential. I can see it being far more efficient than stalking the store to see if an item has come in.

    Austere-There's something spot on about simplicity of this outfit. Superior quality and the details make all the difference. Yellow is a bit bright to me, but perhaps I could warm to a more muted mustard. I like that the color of this sweater stands out, but is still a classic.

  9. I saw this on Tumblr and thought it was fantastic as well. I am falling hard for that mustard colour this season. The whole outfit is rustic in ways but still so modern. I don't generally like LSD (killer initials but blehhh just another rich white socialite but this is one great outfit right here.

  10. Joy- It's a great color for fall. It just looks fresh.
    At this point everyone is far too overexposed. To the point that very few people sound or seem authentic. I will say I've only met LSD a handful of times but he was very gracious.

    This is going back years ago, but I've always respected that when she first started styling very tiny Vogue shoots should would use new designers and really give them an amazing opportunity.

  11. I like how sleek this is outfit is. I could image myself wearing it. I enjoy this blog. I've been meaning to say this for a while, but you're a class act.

  12. Anonymous- I know what you mean. I like that it's a straightforward look that I often associate with city dressing, but it wouldn't look out of place somewhere else.

    Thank you for the warm compliment;)

    Faridah- Great accessories Accessories really can make an outfit.