June 23, 2011

Summer Love

Via Sun Kissed Love

Summer may only be a couple days in, but I can tell it's going to be a good one. Warm weather makes me feel better. There's something hopeful about the possibility of  being able to leave work with a little daylight left. (I'll be honest, I'm a work in progress when it comes to leaving work at a reasonable hour.) Yesterday my colleague and I took a fifteen minute break to enjoy a beautiful day and we both felt energized. 

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Summer is all about enjoying every precious moment of being outside. It's about lightness and taking it easy. Summer is...

* Crisp blouses in natural fabrics

* Ladylike dresses and skirts

* Fabrics that move with the breeze

* Sunnies 

* Cool nights that call for a Breton shirt (Truth be told I wear stripy shirts year round.)

* Impromptu trips to Cooper's Beach and Surf Lodge (I love being near the sea.)

My list could go on and on. I take pleasure in little luxuries like sun and in season produce. My only complaint is air conditioning. I'm perpetually cold and don't do well with air conditioning. I find myself doing the fashion thing of wearing my jackets and blazers draped over my shoulders. 

What are your favorite things about Summer?


  1. I wish the Indian summer wasn't so hot, I am actually looking forward to winter! The winters here are crisp and sunny. My solution to the intense heat is to wear a lot of sunblock, sunglasses, get frequent pedicures and anti-acne facials, and wear loose clothing that covers me up, so I don't burn. Every now and then though the odd cool day surfaces and it's just heaven. The one thing I LOVE about summer in Delhi? Mangoes! Delicious.

  2. I have to love summer, no matter what - it's summer year-round here. I could happily wear your summer staples all year-round. I love walking out of an air-conditioned building and into the warm sun, but I admit sometimes I feel incredibly relieved to be walking back into air-conditioning to escape from our humidity. A fan will do as well!

    I also like summer shoes - I may like the attitude of boots but flats and sandals are so much more carefree!

  3. Ammu-I LOVE mango. There's nothing like fresh fruit. I can only imagine how intense the summers are for you. Sunglasses, sunblock and loose clothing are the only ways to beat the heat.

    I love being able to show off a pretty pedicure in the summer! I consider pedicures a summer essential:)I'm very curious about the facial you get.

    Lin- There's an ease about the summer that I really like. Carefree is the only way to describe it. When the humity gets intense and we have those 100 degree days I'm thankful for air connditioning, but I do need to make sure I bring a scarf and sweater because I get so cold.

    I love flats and sandals. I actually really neeed a pair of sandals, but have no idea what to get.

  4. Lindsay thank you so much for commenting on my blog I'm absolutely flattered that you took the time, I love your blog it inspires me a lot. Thank you! - Jenny

  5. Jenny- Of course! Aww... I'm thrilled that you find this blog inspiring. That's so nice to hear. I hope Paris is going better. Cities can really take a lot out of you.

  6. i love this!! i dream of visiting st. tropez it just seems so glamourous!

  7. I am dreaming of a white summer.
    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  8. Lisa- You must go! SO glamorous indeed. Thank you for stopping by.

    Petiteélégant- There's nothing like crisp white during summer. Thank you for stopping in.

  9. I get a herbal facial - my beautician makes it herself on the spot, mixing various powdered herbs with filtered water. It totally dries up any spots and is a godsend in this weather which has turned my skin into an acne-magnet.

  10. Ammu- Your facial sounds delightful. Climate plays such a big role on skincare. Believe it or not I have never had a facial, but I really want to try one at my spa.

  11. I never used to get them before I moved here from London - but I find my skin needs much more help in India. The harsh sun, the dust, working outside - it's forced me to develop a complex skincare regime. I miss the simpler days!

  12. Ammu- That's a lot of conditions to contend with. I like the idea of a simple skincare routine, but I'm not sure that mine is.