July 4, 2011

PS 2

Courtesy of Vogue (Photographer: Norman Jean Roy)

I received numerous emails regarding the little Proenza Schouler skirt I wore here. I enjoy wearing pieces that have a story. It makes a great piece all the more special. The other day I was flipping through an old issue of Vogue when I came across the editorial version of the skirt on Maria Sharapova. All the more funny since, I happened to be wearing my skirt that day. It's always nice to find yourself reacquainted with a familiar photograph.

It's not the red and navy version from the runway that went into production, but it gives you a sense of how many iterations of a piece there are. This version has the little square embellishments sewn all around the skirt and contrasting vertical ribbons running down the front. I never tire of looking at a piece that I own with fresh eyes. Most interesting are the changes that are made to pieces and items that never make it into production. It's infallible that each season I fall in love with an item that is never produced even though it appears in fashion magazines. Such is life, but it certainly makes the one of a kind pieces something to treasure.

What are your sartorial treasures?


  1. Lovely skirt :) My treasures include a few heirloom pieces passed down through my family - a single strand of Mikimoto bought by my grand-dad for his daughter, my mom, another Mikimoto piece made of twisted strands of pearls. A ruby ring designed by my dad for me, tiny diamond studs made for my mom when she was a baby. A pearl set belonging to my dad's mom. And some amazing silk saris handed down generations - my mom's wedding sari in a pinkish caramel hue and maroon, and an old sari in midnight blue from my grandma.

    As far as my own treasures are concerned, my favourite piece would have to be a Mawi bespoke necklace I bought last year, made of multiple strands of gems and a huge ruby pendant. I am also excited about getting trousers made-to-measure by a talented friend of mine. Can't wait to try on the sample this week!

  2. Ammu- Thank you! I would say that jewelry tops my list of treasures also. Especially pieces that have been handed down and have meaning. your Mikimoto pieces sound wonderful. I'm going to do a piece soon on my Mikimoto pieces because I recently had a scare where I thought I lost them. Your ruby ring sounds lovely. It's very cool that you have a new treasure made too:)

    Ah, made-to-measure trousers are such a little luxury. I was really happy that I had trousers made in Hong Kong. you have to let me know how they turn out!

  3. I have always loved that shot of Maria Sharapova, it's such a great, relaxed way to wear a skirt.

    I have some nice treasures from my mother and grandmother - bags, purses, costume jewellery. My own treasure would be my Cartier tank - I love that I can wear it every day. I also love a pair of jeans that have travelled to so many places with me, and a Vanessa Bruno dress that I bought knowing I wouldn't wear much, but I just loved the design - one of the few occasions I splashed out something I didn't have practical use for.

  4. Lin- It's such a great shot of Maria Sharapova. You're right- she wears it in such a relaxed way. I would never think to wear it like this.

    Bags, purses and costume jewelry are great treasures. I always feel like they don't make bags like they use to. Your Cartier tank is such a great piece. I know I've said it so many times, but it's such a classic. Your jeans and their travels reminds me of the book "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants."

    As practical as we talk about wardrobes being, there has to be room for the great piece that you know you won't wear all the time, but fall in love with.

  5. I like both versions of the skirt and I think it's interesting how often what you see on the runway may not be what you actually get. I tend to feel comfortable dressing on the casual side so I really like how Maria Sharapova was styled here as well.

    My treasures are: jewelry I purchased while in Cuba and wear constantly; a vintage Sophisticates by Pendleton skirt that has the most charming print. After getting it hemmed it falls perfectly on my body and has comfy pockets (a requirement in skirts for me); a silver elephant ring that has become my signature; and my bright green suede Kate Spade loafers that I bought as an impractical-yet-lovely item that I surprisingly wear all the time.

  6. Austere- I agree. It's so interesting to see what is made strictly for editorial purposes and what gets produced. When I think about runway there are always a few pieces that you know every magazine will be clamoring to shoot. The way I see it Fall and Spring collections are about theatre and producing items that are going to be featured in editorials, while resort and the buffer seasons are for solidifying brand identity.

    Jewelry from Cuba sounds amazing. I love the idea of collecting a new piece when I travel. Your signature elephant ring sounds delightful too. Such good symbolism and I think a signature piece is so nice. Kate Spade makes the most whimsical shoes. A pop of color definitely punches up any outfit:)

  7. I really love the carefree way she was styled here. I don't have much in the way of expensive clothing. I did, but I sold it all over the past couple of months, because they were the wrong kinds of expensive clothes for me (aka never wore them). But, as far as treasures go, my watch is one of my greatest treasures because my boyfriend bought it for me for Valentine's Day. It was everything I wanted in a watch, and I wear it everyday without fail. I don't think I could ever buy another watch because I am just so attached to this one!

  8. 0000- So carefree and easy! Very smart of you to sell the items that weren't for you. I feel strongly that the items I buy should be worn, otherwise I can do without bringing them into my wardrobe. Ah, your watch is perfect. How great is it to love an item that was picked out for you? So special.