June 29, 2011

Little Happy List #2

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It has been a while since I posted a Little Happy List. We're overdue for a dose of happy, aren't we? Here's to happiness.

1) The High Line

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I enjoy walking the High Line. Rarely does an idea come to fruition and end up being better than you ever imagined. The High Line is exactly that. A New York City park built on an elevated freight rail structure. It's the perfect place for practicing my photography, reading, enjoying amazing horticulture and people watching.  Oh the people watching. I love the balance between the industrial settling and the sophisticated landscape filled with flowers and trees. I hope this summer provides many opportunities to enjoy this great outdoor space.

2) Silk Shirts 

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A couple of cool days presented the perfect opportunity for wearing the silk shirts I had made in Hong Kong. Such a wonderful addition to my wardrobe. I'm considering ordering another shirt in a blush color. Blush is quickly becoming on of my favorite summer colors.

3) Wimbledon

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There is nothing like tennis whites at the most prestigious of tennis tournaments. Thirteen days of tennis is heaven.

4) Ladurée 

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I'm anxiously awaiting the opening of Ladurée in New York. Macaroons are always too sweet and dense here. Ladurée won't replace a trip to Paris, but I'm sure it will become a tea spot for my mom and I after a museum day.

5) Dashing Men's Accessories

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I had the opportunity to attend the Cole Haan & Les Toiles du Soleil Limited Edition Collaboration launch party How apropos on the eve of Pitti Uomo and Milan Men's Fashion Week. I was smitten by this colorful bow tie. I have a weakness for dapper men's accessories. Tell me this bow tie doesn't make you smile.

 The month of June flew by. What's making you terribly happy these days?


  1. Oh, I love the High Line! It is one of the things I miss most about New York. I spent today inventing cupcake recipes for one of my editors, so guess what I am test-baking (and my boyfriend is test-eating) this weekend? Baking for the people I love makes me happy :)

  2. Love the idea of a happy list! Rain is making me very happy these days - it's cooling down the city and my goodness, the smell of wet earth is gorgeous. I have a small vial of Indian perfume oils blended to mimic that smell - time to start wearing it!
    I also love the Body Shop's Vitamin E mask - after a bout of anti-acne masks to combat the heat, my skin needs some TLC now that the weather is changing. And this mask is perfect, it just sinks into the skin, I don't even need to wash it off.
    Finally, I am excited about seeing my dad - he has been away for three months and is finally coming back to Delhi this week. Looking forward to fixing him a drink and catching up properly!

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  4. I have yet to visit High Line but I've heard great things about it. Am currently trying to get my father to bike with me down there partly just because I want to play around in the Rainbow City. I never realized that you lived in NYC!

    As for those silk shirts, I definitely need to go to HK and get some tailor made. I have a pair of shorts that were tailor made for my mother when she was my age that have lasted all these years (those she never wore them because she thought they were too short and immodest... oh how times have changed).

    As for my happy list:
    1. Grocery Shopping in Fairway/Whole Foods/Trader Joes - I was literally flitting around when I went to Fairway last night. I love fresh fruits.
    2. Episodes of Jeopardy
    3. Bethesda Fountain in Central Park
    4. Leather Elbow Patches (Especially on breton striped shirts!)
    5. Raiding my parent's closets for clothes (the only downside to college is my wardrobe has decreased twofold)

  5. I've yet to visit New York, but the High Line is somewhere I would love to go when that day comes! It's beautiful.

    I just finished my freshman year of University so for the past few months so June (and May) have been about all the small things of home that make me happy:

    1. The nonsensical stories little children love to tell (I work at a summer camp)
    2. Being able to walk around and know exactly where I am
    3. Rain (born/raised in the Pacific Northwest)
    4. The downtown library
    5. Spending time with family and friends...in person

  6. La Fille mal Gardée-The High Line is really great. That sounds like the perfect day. Now i'm very curious about your job:) Cupcakes are the best!

    Ammu- There's something really refreshing about a happy list. Especially after a week where little things (that are really inconsequential) get you down. Rain sounds wonderful. The fresh smell after a good rainstorm is amazing. Your vitamin E mask sounds really good. Very exciting and happy that you get to catch up with your dad in person. Aren't dads the best?

    samecookiesdifferent- Thank you. You're very kind.

    ess elsie.- You must visit the High Line. I love every bit of outdoor space I can find in the city.

    I would highly recommend having shirts made in HK. I was really impressed with the craftsmanship. I wanted to have silk shorts made too, but I haven't resolved all the details of how they should look yet. You are so lucky to have your moms.

    I like your happy list. I can't resist fresh fruits and veggies from Whole Foods. Elbow patches on grandpa sweaters are one of my favorite things.

    Austere- Now I'm excited for you to take a trip to NY. Congrats on finishing your first year at University. I really like your happy list. There's nothing like the small pleasures of home and catching up with friends and family in person. Oh and kids tell the craziest stores.

    Jazzy E- Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  7. UVA has definitely given me a love for gardens and the High Line sounds like a great replacement for our 10 gardens! I also love the crispness of tennis fashion, but it's always been a little too country club for me to consider. I don't know if you can like punk rock as much as I do and be/look like you're part of a country club haha.

    My happy list is pretty simple:

    1) Morning coffee: so hard to find a good cuppa joe that isn't Starbucks, but I like the place I buy from now and I like seeing their amused faces when I walk in during the mornings. I am probably the only Chinese patron they have who drinks coffee every morning. I don't even have to order anymore--they know what I'm in for!

    2) Taking photos: better than buying souvenirs.

    3) Cafes: they are just too cute over here. It's really nice to just sit around for a day and write, read, or watch a movie. Plus, they serve (real) food so I can sit for, basically, forever.

    4) Cake: I always gastronomically stock up on Chinese cake--so much better than American cake.

    5) Red wine + books + sitting outside.

  8. 0000- The lawn and gardens definitely make you appreciate architecture and gardens. So beautiful. I agree it's hard to pull off the tennis look in real life. For me it's more of an inspiration for summer dressing. I also loved pulled together workout wear.

    Your happy list is wonderful. Taking photos is so much better than buying souvenirs. I love sitting in cafes and reading/people watching, but I never get to do that here.

  9. The tennis skirt is soo cute. I might look 5 if I wore it though.

    xx Cristina

  10. Love these photos! so nice !
    http://mesconfessionsparisiennes.wordpress.com :)

  11. Cristina- That skirt is very cute. I would look five if I wore it, but I do love it.

    mesconfessionsparisiennes- Thank you!

  12. Thank you, everything you post is pretty too!
    This post is quite cute and I relate to it a lot, I love the high line (been there once when I went to NY), I adore everything silky, I enjoy tennis a lot, I've even worked for Estoril Open in Portugal and I eat too much macarons when I go to the milanese Ladurée, besides loving men tailored clothes and accessories :)

  13. The High Line looks wonderful - we're trying to figure out if it's feasible to build a "green corridor" on a rail line that has been decommissioned and they should be looking at the High Line for ideas!

    I've bee very tennis-obsessed as well (I leave the telly in my office tuned in permanently). Other things I love this week are some blueberry butter cookies from Marks and Spencer which taste so summery, a new cotton gauze shirt I've been wearing weekly since I received it, and swimming!

  14. Flavia- Thank you! Isn't the high line fantastic? So glad you were able to see it during your trip to NY. I'm loving everything silky too. That's very cool that you have worked for the Estoril Open! I'm patiently for the US Open. There's nothing like the Milanese mans' sense of style.

    Lin- It was such a struggle to get the High Line to open and there's still a big drive to raise funds to maintain it and open the third section. I hope your green corridor opens. It's nice to have outdoor spaces in cities.

    It's hard not to get sucked into Tennis:) There's nothing like a new favorite that you keep returning to. The blueberry butter cookies sound lovely and make me wonder why I missed this on my last trip to M&S;) Swimming is a great way to beat the heat!

  15. This is a great list. I want to make a happy list! I am also excited for La Durée! I can't wait to buy a pile of macaroons and go to Central Park with a good magazine.

  16. t h e l i n e s h e e t- Thank you!You should make a happy list. I'm so excited for Ladurée, but haven't been able to find the exact date that it opens. Sitting in Central Park with macroons and a good magazine sounds wonderful. It's definitely going to be hard not to splurge:)