November 15, 2011


That Collar 
The bobby pin as a barrette
The requisite bouclé piece- Moschino Dress and Celine Kitten Heels
The Peter Pan Collar- Louis Vuitton
Via Self Service No. 35- More images here

Since we're on the subject of inspiration and so many of you have been sharing what inspires you (keep them coming, I love reading them), I had to share this shoot from Self Service Issue No. 35. Full disclosure- one of my childhood friends holds a very fancy title at the magazine, so perhaps I'm partial. There's just something about this editorial that I keep coming back to. It's all very subtle, but there are so many little things that I find utterly charming. The bobby pin as a barrette. The heavy eyeliner. The windswept hair. The requisite bouclé piece to guard against autumn's chill. The peter pan collar. The diaphanous sleeves. The sculptural and voluminously shaped coats, suits and dresses. I could go on and on.

This shoot evokes the melancholy and mystery of long autumn afternoons. While crossing Central Park en route to the "Wonder of Age" exhibit at the Met* I was instantly reminded of my love for this shoot. While this editorial includes several of my favorite designers of late (Celine, Chanel, Lanvin, and Miu Miu to name a few), it's the spirit of the shoot that speaks to me. Can't you just imagine everyone having too much fun on set? I usually find nostalgic shoots to be a bit too staid, but this one hits the mark.

* I highly recommend "Wonder of the Age." It's such a treat to see so many superb masters in one exhibition and to finally dispel the long held western notions that these great works were made by unknown artisans. 


  1. That exhibit reminds me of one of my favourite books: "My Name is Red" by Orhan Pamuk. I know it's not about Indian art, but the mention of revealing the lives and works of these previously unheralded artists made me think of the intriguing lives some of them might have led. And makes me want to travel again. Sigh.

    I find travel very inspiring.

  2. lin- "My Name is Red" is such a great book. I'm partial because I happen to love Turkish art. So thought provoking... I can see the similarities:)

    The exhibit was so good. It actually replaced the McQueen exhibit and there was a lot of outrage, but it's worth it.

    I agree with you. Travel is so inspiring. It truly challenges all of your sensibilities.

  3. Arizona Muse is absolutely divine.

    This is beautifully shot, with attention to all those little details that you've highlighted here. Love the black and white shots, especially.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Alice Olive- Yes, isn't she? Almost otherworldly. I always feel like she brings a lot of depth to her shoots that you just don't see a lot of today.

    I love all the little details and the black and white shots are by far my favorites.

  5. SO beautiful. I'm wondering, do you follow any other fashion blogs?

  6. These photos reflect your style which I love. Very tasteful, simple and polished.

  7. Kat- I think it's really beautiful too.

    I do follow fashion blogs. My blogroll at the far right has a few of my favorites. I need to update it soon.

    Chocolate, Cookies & Candies- Thank you. You're so right- I very strongly identify with this shoot. It's very much within my comfort zone.

    Tasteful, simple and polished never go out of style to me:)

  8. LOVE the bobby pin as barrette idea :D
    These looks have such a ladylike feel... and that Lanvin dress is absolutely GORGEOUS (okay, all of them are! ;) I especially like that most of them are shot in black-and-white - methinks it really helps focus the attention on the subtle details: like the texture of the materials or the unexpected crispness in a flounce :)

  9. drifterregalia- Bobby pins are essential for me. I really like a bun or chignon:)

    Love the ladylike feel and especially the Lanvin dress. Lanvin might be one of my favorite splurges.

    I agree the black and white photography really elevates this shoot. Sometimes I get frustrated when magazines shoot in black and white and really obscure the clothes. W used to be notorious for that. The materials here are so great and diverse- I love that most of all.

  10. I'd love to be a girl for this editorial. Seriously! Daphne & Arizona look so absolutely perfect here.

  11. Ginta- I want to live in this editorial too.

    The casting is brillant.

  12. Lovely pictures. I have a short, tailored bob and always wear a tiny pin on the side while my hair dries, to prevent flyaways and get my hair to settle into the 1920s-30s shape I like.

    I agree with Lin on travel - it never fails to open my eyes. And museum exhibits and great books are a wonderful way to travel without leaving home. I am very grateful to my books for showing me the world when I was too young to just jet off on my own ;)

    P.S. I just returned from a trip to Rajasthan, where I saw some incredible miniatures displayed in the royal forts. To me, miniatures and tribal art are the best examples of Indian painting. I especially love the use of colour in miniatures - so many colours in such a tiny space and yet, they never look gawdy.

  13. I went out and bought the issue -- it's amazing!

    I love reading about everybody's essentials and despite the simple concepts, it's just addicting.

  14. So lovely, all of it! I love the bobby pin as a barrette idea (especially as my bangs have grown to an awkward length). Thanks for sharing -- I've been in need of some inspiration! I'll have to track down an issue of this magazine soon.

  15. Ammu- I love the 1920s to 1930s tailored bob- it’s so pretty and very glamorous without being overdone.

    Ah, that’s so true about travel. It’s completely eye opening. I agree about museum exhibits and great books- I’m not sure what I would do without them.

    Your trip to Rajastan sounds amazing. I find miniatures so fascinating- the colors, precision and the steady hand that they require. I was so thankful that the Met had magnifying glasses because I forgot mine at home.

    G- They do a great job.

    The voyeur in me loves reading about everyone’s essentials- so fun.

    Rachel- Every once in a while we all need a bit of inspiration:)

    The bobby pin as a barrette really works for the growing out process.

  16. Such gorgeous pictures my dear Lindsay :)

  17. Camille S.- I know, so gorgeous! Thank you for your sweet comment on the giveaway! Hope you're well.