January 12, 2012

Finding Neverland...

Via Park Street

When it comes to style, I truly admire those who maintain a sense of consistency. There's something refreshing about having such commitment to your style and point of view. It's what I love most about Audrey Hepburn's gamine chic look or Katherine Hepburn's tailored trousers. It's more about their devotion to their vision than any desire to embody these looks. 

I like to think that my style is consistent. This doesn't mean that I've stopped growing or developing my style, but I feel a sense of commitment to my look. I'm judicious when it comes to curating and editing my wardrobe. It's refreshing to hone my style and think about influences. It's always interesting to examine what we're drawn to. 

Via Vanessa Jackman
For quite sometime, I've been drawn to Peter Pan collars*. They're charming; coy; and a bit whimsical. The rounded collar instantly conjures up memories of the precocious Eloise**. It's interesting to trace something you love now to your childhood self.

As a discerning shopper, I've yet to find the perfect white cotton button-down with the aforementioned collar. As a lover of true craftsmanship, I can't help but admire the lace and varnished-leather collars at Louis Vuitton, even if I'm in search of something basic. The subtlety of the collar is the perfect detail to anchor a wardrobe of stunning skirts. 

So for now, the charming shirt is on my short list.

* I like a buttoned up shirt that takes inspiration from the rounded collar that comes to mind.

** I loved Eloise as a child- the adventures, The Plaza and the spying on adult happenings.


  1. Likewise, I've always been drawn to crisp white shirts with interesting collars. The Peter Pan collar is a very subtle statement which sets the shirt apart from the others.

  2. I'm looking for this as well. A nice peter pan collared shirt that is still chic and not too childish/uniform like looking.

  3. I have been thinking about a Peter Pan collar for a while too. Since summer really. There is a wonderful Indian designer who makes gorgeous white pin-tuck detailed shirts with Peter Pan collars and short puff sleeves - Rajesh Pratap Singh. But I can't commit just yet :) I love taking my time to make a decision, and I figure, when the time is right I will know. Otherwise the attraction will pass with no damage to my wardrobe or my wallet :)
    P.S. I also remember See by Chloe making some pretty Peter Pan collar blouses not that long ago.

  4. Chocolate, Cookies and Candies- You nailed it- it's all about making a subtle statement. I love that it's just a little different. It's a nice change.

  5. ooo! looove eloise! she is a doll.


  6. Joy- That’s exactly it, I would still want to still look polished and chic.

    Hope you're having a blast in HK.

  7. Ammu- I've been looking for a while too. It's one of those things that I've been checking for a few years. From time to time I reevaluate it, but I always come to that collar. I'm so picky that I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for.

    White pin tuck details and puff sleeves sound perfect. I’ve heard great things about Rajesh Pratap Singh, so I’ll have to investigate further:)

    I love how discerning you are. So many things are passing attractions that we’re happy without.

    Yes, the See by Chloe blouses were so pretty and feminine.

  8. Nicole- My goodness, how can you not love her:)

  9. Oh this would look stunning on you. You always look great. Seriously, such wonderful taste:)

  10. I find consistency in style so important as well, I don't think this crashes with evolution. I believe your style should go changing throw your life but keeping your identity, your signature...

    Love the shirt, but I don't think a could fit myself on it ; )

  11. ive been into collars in general! great blog and post!!

  12. Happy New Year Lindsay!! I missed you and your blog so much! I'm happy to see you on Twitter :)
    This post is really elegant and chic, actually as all your posts!
    I can't wait for New York, I'm so excited!

  13. Anonymous- Oh you're sweet. Thank you!

  14. lunaday- You put it so succinctly. Well said! That's how I think of it too. I'm constantly evolving, but I certainly have my identity and signature down.

    I love shirts with little details...

  15. I find a dynamic consistency, like the one you're talking about incredibly fascinating. It's very interesting to see people integrate new influences and experiences into the way they dress over time while maintaining an identifiable aesthetic. Great post!

  16. oh i totally agree with this post, and i love your writing! i'm still trying to hone my style but i'm getting there!


  17. FASHION ICE-Oh yes, collars add so much versatility to an outfit.

    Thank you for sweet words:)

  18. Camille S.- Happy New year to you as well. Hope 2012 is off to a good start.

    Thank you! That's certainly what I strive for:)

    Please let me know if you need New York recommendations. Would be happy to help.

  19. CamisaBlanca- "Integrating new influences and experiences into the way we dress, while maintaining an identifiable aesthetic" that's exactly it. It's interesting to see this happen organically once you've truly found your style.

    I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed this post.

  20. Annabel- Thank you. It's such a challenge to write with conviction and clarity, so it's always good to hear that someone enjoys it.

    I can't wait to look at your blog:)

  21. Wow, loved you blog! Amazing posts!

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  22. Nenu- Thank you (blushing). You're so sweet.

  23. Oh wow--I'd never drawn the connection between Eloise and the Peter Pan collar! I was a huge Eloise fan as a child--my mother read me the first book over and over again. Thanks for the memories!

    minima/maxima, a blog about minimalist style

  24. petrichore- I think that's where I initially fell in love with the collar. As a kid I remember really liking my blouses that looked like hers.

    Such good stories. I loved reading those books.